Our involvement in the building plan review process gives us an opportunity to communicate the minimum required pretreatment and monitoring structures necessary for all potential new sources of industrial wastewater.

Any commercial construction or renovation project requiring a building permit from the City's Development Services Department may also require an “Industrial Waste Plan Review” approval letter from the Pretreatment Program if the proposed project involves any potential industrial wastewater discharge and/or if manhole and sample port requirements apply [see Section 15-10-004 of the Austin City Code]. Typically, this approval letter is necessary prior to submitting plans for the DSD building permit.

The first step in obtaining an approval letter is to prepare project plans (or drawings). The plans must include:

  • Site utility plan showing water and wastewater connections to city mains and water meter location(s)
  • Plumbing layout plan or floor plan (to scale) indicating all fixtures, drain inlets, or water outlets
  • Equipment layout
  • Drain, waste, and vent riser diagram
  • Pretreatment equipment specifications
  • Utility wastewater tap records (if available)

You may contact our office and set up an appointment with a Pretreatment Program staff member or simply send your plans to our office by mail or courier. The vast majority of the building plans we review for commercial and institutional facilities that prepare food (e.g., restaurants, cafeterias, food processors, nursing homes, day care facilities, etc.). Building plan reviews from the Pretreatment Program are also required from carwashes and businesses that develop photographs or x-rays (e.g., drug stores, dental offices, and medical offices).

More detailed information on applicable requirements can be found below: