The Austin City Council adopted the Pease Park Vision Plan at its October 16, 2014 regular meeting. The Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) appreciates the contributions of Pease Park Conservancy (PPC) and all the community members who participated in the development of the vision plan. The plan focuses on enhancing and preserving the natural feel of the park and restoring the historic features within the space. Phase 1 of the implementation of this plan, which included the restoration and renovation of Kingsbury Commons, is now complete. PPC and PARD are now planning for the implementation of Phase 2 of the Vision Plan.

Pease Park Vision Plan*

Image of large play structure along the trail at Pease Park

Phase 1 of implementation of this plan is now complete and Kingsbury Commons, the southern 7-acres of Pease Park, has reopened to the public. Pease Park Conservancy and the Parks and Recreation Department are now planning for the implementation of phase two of the plan.

Pease Park Vision Plan Report (PDF)

  1. Executive Summary (PDF)
  2. Appendix Cover + TOC (PDF)
  3. Appendix A Natural Resources (PDF)
  4. Appendix B Cultural Resources (PDF)
  5. Appendix C Public Input--Surveys (PDF)
  6. Appendix D Public Input--Mtgs Part 1 (PDF)
  7. Appendix D Public Input--Mtgs Part 2 (PDF)
  8. Appendix E Public Input--Comments to PARD (PDF)
  9. Appendix F Meeting Minutes (PDF)
  10. Appendix G Concept Plan Development (PDF)
  11. Appendix H Trees for Pease--PPC Major Efforts (PDF)
  12. Appendix I PARD Memo to PARB  (PDF)
  13. Appendix J Cost Estimate - Phasing Matrix  (PDF)
  14. Appendix K Eeyore's Birthday Stating & Events Area (PDF)
  15. Appendix L Park Context - References (PDF)
  16. Appendix M Letters of Support (PDF)

Image of pease park

Pease Park Vision Plan Presentation to Boards, Commissions & Council

Aug. 25, 2014 Recommended by Design Commission 
Sept. 8, 2014 Recommended by Land, Facilities & Programs Committee of PARB 
Sept. 9, 2014 Recommended by Planning Commission
Sept. 17, 2014 Recommended by the Environmental Board
Sept. 17, 2014   Recommended by the Urban Forestry Board
Sept. 23, 2014 Recommended by the Parks and Recreation Board
Oct. 16, 2014 Adopted by the Austin City Council 

Community Engagement

The planning process began in Fall, 2013 and included a robust public engagement process with three public meetings and nearly 1,000 survey respondents. PARD and the Parks & Recreation Board (PARB) reviewed the plan and made a recommendation to the City Council.


>> Watch Dan VanTreeck's film on the history of Pease Park.

Since 2008, PPC has led efforts to improve the area’s landscape, including planting over 3,000 trees and restoring historic features in the park, such as the Tudor Cottage and the 1920s Memorial Entry Gates, and the picnic tables installed by the Works Progress Administration. Founded in 1963, WRT has established a national reputation for planning public spaces across the country. Among its numerous projects, WRT has prepared a vision plan for Houston’s Memorial Park and is currently working on the Trinity River Park project in Dallas. WRT also spearheaded the comprehensive “Imagine Austin” plan for the City in 2012.

To learn more about PPC, please visit, contact (512) 842-9018 or email For updated information about the Pease Park Vision Plan or to provide feedback, please email us or call (512) 974-9478.

* Please note: In 2020, PARD shifted from using the term "master plan" to describe all planning projects to other phrases that were more descriptive and could be used to identify the level of the planning process. For more information, please visit the Project Terms and Definitions webpage.