The Planning and Zoning Department provides support to six (6) City of Austin Boards and Commissions.

As of July 2019 the Emerging Projects Map (EP) process has evolved into a continuously updated map application showing major zoning, site plan, and subdivision land use cases under City review in the last two years.  It also shows the pre-July 2019 data for reference purposes.

Growth Watch is your portal to datasets extracted from the City's development review system to support tracking and understanding of development trends.  It is intended primarily for those wishing to download the data and manipulate it in software such as GIS, Business Intelligence, Spreadsheet, Database, or similar software. 

The Neighborhood Assistance Center (NAC) provides educational resources and information about the City of Austin’s operations and services. The center facilitates and assists effective communication between neighborhood stakeholders and the City of Austin.

This page has information about land use and zoning, neighborhood plan amendments, front or side yard parking, and mobile food establishments.

The Planning and Zoning Department has various tools and resources available online.

View applicable applications for the Planning and Zoning Department:

The Zucker Final Report was received on Friday, May 8th, 2015.  View the full report or individual chapters.



The Permitted Use Chart is a table of permitted, conditional, and prohibited uses for your residential or commercial property. You can download the document or access the instructions on how to use it.