The Administrative and Program Management oversees the following areas for CCO:


Public Information Requests:

Click here for helpful information from the Texas Attorney General on a how to create successful Public Information Request

Payment Claims:

The Capital Contracting is responsible for payment claim inquiries and with assisting in contract claims issues.

For construction contracts exceeding $50,000, the City of Austin requires its Prime Contractor provide a Payment Bond which is solely for the protection and use of the subcontractors and suppliers.  Subcontractors and suppliers making a claim for unpaid labor and materials for a City project must follow the rules set forth in Government Code Title 10, Subtitle F, Chapter 2253 Public Work Performance and Payment Bonds.  Subcontractors and suppliers may contact the CCO to obtain a copy of the Prime Contractor’s Payment Bond.  The Payment Bond will contain the required contact information for the Surety.  A link to the state statute on payment bonds is located here.

The Prime Contractor shall pay each subcontractor and supplier their appropriate share of payments not later than 10 calendar days of Prime Contractor’s receipt of payment from the City (i.e. “pay-when-paid” plus 10 days).   NOTE:  This rule establishes a deadline for which the Prime Contractor must make appropriate payment to subcontractors and suppliers.  The contract between the Prime Contractor and its subcontractors and suppliers may contain terms other than “pay-when-paid”.

Non-Discrimination Resolution

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