This project will help improve water quality in Waller Creek and Lady Bird Lake. The project includes a grassy meadow in the Highland Neighborhood Park that will capture and treat stormwater during wet weather. The stormwater comes from 76 acres of rooftops and roadways surrounding the park.

Project Overview

This project is along Waller Creek in one corner of the park. It includes an overflow area beside the creek that can hold water for a couple of days after a storm. This area will help filter and clean stormwater, improving the quality of water flowing through Waller Creek. We'll also plant some native grasses, shrubs and trees along the creek to encourage a healthy, natural environment. There will be a place for a future trail as well. Download this project flyer for more information.


The Watershed Protection Department long owned Reznicek Field with the intention of using the property for stormwater management in the future. Since 1970, the field has been used by the University Hills Optimist Club for youth sports activities. On July 1, 2014, the Austin City Council transferred the property to the Parks and Recreation Department. At the time, the City Council recommended continuing with plans to install a stormwater control measure on the property. In the summer of 2014, the Watershed Protection Department hired a consultant to redesign the stormwater control measure in response to stakeholder feedback and to fit into Parks and Recreation Department's masterplan for the property.


Map showing Reznicek Field and the drainage area

Reznicek Field is within the Highland Neighborhood Park, located at 401 W. St. Johns Avenue, Austin, Texas.

Project Status and Timeframe

The project was completed in June 2020. Orange fencing remains in place to protect new vegetation. Please expect additional work along the streambanksĀ in October 2020. We'll be revegetating the streambanks at that time to provide the new plants with the best chance of survival.


Tom Franke, P.E., 512-974-1882