Rosewood Park dates back to the last quarter of the nineteenth century as a family homestead. The park has been a part of the Austin community since the 1930’s. Different amenities were added to the park over the years with the last pool expansion occurring in the 1950’s. The expansion consisted of adding a bathhouse, concession stand and BBQ pit. The current Bathhouse is a large concrete structure located on the east side of the pool that is accessed via steps. The current access to the bathhouse is not in compliance with Federal laws and planning began in 2014 for new bathhouse to serve the pool and park area.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to build a new bathhouse facility for the pool. The project will consist of a bathhouse to replace the existing facility which will include restrooms, showers and a unisex facility. In addition to the bathhouse facility, accessible parking spaces, ramps and walkways will be brought up to current standards. This will bring each facility in the park into compliance with current Federal guidelines.

Existing site showing current stone structure and sidewalks with curbs next to large trees.

Project Scope

The scope for this project consists of a new bathhouse which will include restrooms, showers and a non-gender/ family facility. Site work for the project includes providing accessible parking spaces, ramps and walkways, landscaping, and benches.


Proposed bathhouse site plan showing new pavers and anew ADA ramps and sidewalks between playscape, bathhouse, concessions stand, and administration building.


Project Schedule

  • Project initiation: January 13, 2014
  • Final Design: October 2018
  • Bidding: January-May 2019
  • Construction Start and Notice to Proceed: June 2019
  • Construction Completion: Anticipated February 2020

Funding Source

$1.5 million has been allocated from 2012 and 2018 bond funding.

Current Phases and Updates

  • July 10, 2019: Construction began in early June 2019! The parking lot, sidewalks, and pool will remain open during construction. The following has started:
    • Environmental protections
    • Utility installation
    • Building foundation

The beginning of construction starts with the construction fencing around the area.

Community Engagement

  • Input 60% Design Review – June 5, 2018


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