The Watershed Protection Department has completed two projects in response to a landslide that occurred along Shoal Creek just north of Pease Park: rerouting a storm drain line and stabilizing the streambank of Shoal Creek.

Streambank Project

The project protected two heritage trees and prevented the loss of more parkland due to erosion. Since the landslide, the bank of Shoal Creek has eroded at least 20 feet. The project also partially restored some flood capacity to the creek. The project includes:

  1. Partial removal of debris from Shoal Creek
  2. Widening of creek to route water around the remaining material from the landslide
  3. Stabilizing the southeast bank of Shoal Creek to stop further loss of park land.
  4. Continued monitoring and removal of any additional material that slides into the creek.

This project helps address public safety issues that arose from the landslide and helps protect public property and infrastructure. It does not include a slope stabilization component. Watershed Protection is not planning any more work in response to the landslide.

Wooldridge Dr. Emergency Storm Drain Project

We have rerouted a storm drain system on Wooldridge Drive.

Shoal Creek Greenbelt Trail

The Shoal Creek Greenbelt Trail remains detoured. The Parks and Recreation Department has been working with Public Works, Austin Transportation, Shoal Creek Conservancy and Pease Park Conservancy to determine what improvements to the current trail detour, the sidewalk along Lamar Blvd., would most benefit the public and park use. The first phase proposed is to improve and formalize a nature trail that will connect to the closest creek crossing. Due to COVID-19 delays, the work is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2021. Parks and Recreation is also working on a design to widen and improve a portion of the Lamar sidewalk through the detour area to accommodate multiple users. 

Wastewater Line

Austin Water completed wastewater infrastructure repairs on the east side of Shoal Creek and along Lamar Blvd. in July 2018. No other repairs are currently planned or necessary at this time. Austin Water will work with City departments to incorporate construction of a new wastewater line with any future projects in the area.


Map showing slope failure, trail detour and affected utility lines

The map shows where the landslide occurred and the trail detour. Click on the map to see a larger, printable version.


On Friday, May 4, 2018, there was a landslide on a cliff that overlooks Shoal Creek. No one was injured, but there was significant damage to public and private property.

  • Part of the Shoal Creek Greenbelt Trail was destroyed.
  • Debris partially blocked Shoal Creek. 
  • A wastewater line was broken.
  • Some homes lost large sections of their backyards.
  • A stormdrain outfall on Wooldridge Dr. was damaged.

What caused the landslide?

The natural geology of the area is prone to slope failures. Fractured limestone sits on top of a clay layer that weakens when it gets wet.

Public Meeting

A public meeting was held in July 2018.


More Information

Please contact Stephanie Lott with questions. Stephanie can be reached through email or at 512-974-2799.