The Pretreatment Program's involvement in the Site Development Process gives us an opportunity to communicate our program requirements from the start of a project.

At this stage in a development project our review is usually limited to the site utility plans showing water and wastewater lines and details. A brief list of some potential compliance issues and typical comments follows:

  • Compliance with the manhole ordinance is verified, and, if applicable, any requirement to install a sample port would be noted (Manhole and Sample Port Requirements).
  • Discharging storm-water to the sanitary sewer is prohibited. If the site includes any sanitary sewer drains or grates that are not adequately protected from rainfall or storm water runoff infiltration, the plans would require modification prior to our approval.
  • If the site proposes the construction of multiple wastewater taps, the customer's plans may require modification if the proposed flow from any one water meter is directed for discharge through more than one unique wastewater tap (exceptions can be made if approved wastewater flow meters are installed at each tap).
  • If the proposed facility includes a potential industrial wastewater source, the customer would be notified of ordinance requirements related to pretreatment devices and discharge permits. The requirement for an additional plan review prior to obtaining a Building Permit would also be noted.
  • For those sites that will operate within an Other Political Subdivision (OPS), the customer would be notified of any special requirements as they apply to the specific OPS involved.
  • Other requirements and comments would be noted as appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

Check here for more information about the Pretreatment plan review process. You may also send us an e-mail or call us at 512-972-1060 so that one of our representatives can assist you.