Overlooking the skyline of Downtown Austin, this rehabilitated hotel offers 100 single room occupancies (SROs) in addition to offering permanent supportive housing to its residents. The facility features green building amenities and an onsite technology center.

Photo of Skyline Terrrace Affordable Housing Development

Development: Skyline Terrace
Award Recipient: Foundation Communities
Development Profile: Single-room occupancy rental housing.
Total Housing Units: 100
Investment Impact: 100 affordable housing units at 40 years
Affordability: 50% median family income or less (most residents have incomes below 30% MFI and/or they have been homeless)
Location: 1212 W. Ben White Blvd., Austin, TX 78704
Source of Funding: General Obligation Bonds
Amount Awarded: $1,516,850
Date approved by AHFC Board: February 14, 2008
Project Status: Construction complete