The Slaughter Creek Greenbelt Multi-Use Trail and Equestrian Trailhead Improvements Project includes construction of a 2.4-mile trail that connects the existing equestrian and multi-purpose trail at Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park to newly acquired parkland along the Slaughter Creek Greenbelt.

Image of trees and grass where trailhead project will happen


In Fall 2014, the Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) acquired parkland on Old San Antonio Road immediately east of I-35 along the southern end of the Slaughter Creek Greenbelt. The six acre property includes the Matthew Brown House, a City of Austin Historic Landmark. The house was previously known to be a stop along historic stagecoach travel routes.

Project Description

The proposed project will connect the current multi-use trails system at Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park to newly acquired parkland along the Slaughter Creek Greenbelt.

The proposed trail will be a compacted dirt trail with a 10-foot-wide tread and vertical clearance. Trail signs will indicate right-of-way priority as well as provide directional and interpretive information.

Other features will include staging areas, mounting blocks, universally accessible mounting ramps, directional trail signage, kiosk, trashcans, picnic tables, and hitching posts.

The trail will include a rock-hop, at Slaughter Creek near the Matthew Brown House property located at 10140 Old San Antonio Rd, Austin, TX 78748.

Project Objectives

  • Improve connection along the Slaughter Creek Greenbelt from Mary Moore Searight Park to the Matthew Brown House
  • Renovate and expand the existing trail to provide additional width and vertical clearances for equestrian and bicycle activities
  • Provide wayfinding and etiquette signage with right of way instructions for horses, bicycles, on-leash pets, and pedestrians.

Anticipated Schedule

  • January 2020: Archeological surveying and site analysis
  • Spring to¬†Fall 2020: Engineering and Design Modeling for low water crossing feasibility
  • Spring 2021: Design and Permit submittal
  • Fall 2021: Contract award and Construction
  • Winter 2021-2022: Substantial Completion

Community Engagement

Community engagement will be limited to informing community members. Remaining improvements are limited to upgrading existing trail and equestrian services.

Contact Information

For questions or additional information, please contact:

  • D'Anne Williams, project manager, by email or phone at (512) 974-9456
  • James Wheeler, project coordinator, by email or phone at (512) 974-9413

Project Funding

This project is funded by 2012 Bonds and TPWD Recreational Trails Program Grant.

Image of Slaughter Creek showing creek and trees around it