A person may not allow stagnant water that is likely to promote disease to accumulate on the person's property. A person shall drain, fill, or re-grade the person's property to remove or prevent a violation of this subsection.

The Austin Code Department Reminds You to “Fight the Bite”

The Austin Code Department is reminding residents to eliminate stagnant water and tall weeds and grass to prevent mosquito bites that could lead to the Zika and West Nile viruses, as well as increase pest and rodent infestation and create other health problems.

Mosquitoes only need a teaspoon of water to breed.  During warmer months, mosquitoes can develop in as little as three days. City disease detectives are tracking mosquito activity and posting the latest alerts, guidance and information here:

For questions or more information about ways to reduce mosquitoes around your property, or to report stagnant water or tall weeds and grass, please call 3-1-1.

Educational videos and flyers in English and Spanish, instructing residents how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and biting, are now available: 

For further information regarding ways to Fight the Bite, be sure to monitor Grass and Tall Weeds!

Ordinance: (1992 Code Section 10-2-1; Ord. 031023-11; Ord. 031211-11; Ord. 20120628-012.)


1. Dump or Drain any stagnant water – even if it’s a tiny amount
Mosquitos can breed in as small as a teaspoon of stagnant water. After watering your yard or rainfall, check your flower pots, fountains, buckets, or other objects for leftover stagnant water. Dump, drain, and flip over any empty containers that collect water.
2. Identify standing water on your property
Austin is prone to flooding and heavy rains, but if there is a part of your property where the water doesn’t drain, like a ditch or depression, fill or drain it quickly. For consistent drainage issues, you may have to do some DIY, but if stagnant water stays in a low lying area for a long period of time, it can produce swarms of mosquitos, so it’s best to address it as soon as you notice it.
3. Call 311 to report any stagnant water in your local area
If you notice stagnant water in your area that isn’t being addressed, call 3-1-1. A Code Officer will be assigned to work with the property owner to address the issue, so we can work together to keep mosquito populations at bay.


Download a Stagnant Water Flyer (.pdf)

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