Capital Contracting oversees all City-contracted construction projects with regards to the pay of all workers employed on the projects, as governed by Dept. of Labor-established prevailing wage rates and TX Statute 2258.


Wage Compliance involves monitoring active City of Austin construction projects to verify compliance by the Contractor with Section 00830 of the Contract Documents, which covers Wage Rates and Payroll Reporting. All laborers and mechanics working on these projects must be paid at least the prevailing wage for their trade, as set by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, or the City of Austin minimum wage as established by City Ordinance, whichever is higher.

City personnel enforce compliance by visiting the project site, requiring display of wage postings and conducting wage audits. Any project receiving Federal funding is subject to continuous quarterly audits throughout its duration.

Informational Documents:

Construction Job Site Postings:

Definitions for Building and Heavy and Highway Classifications 1.1.1. (NEW UPDATE):

Additionally, the Contractor is required to post a copy of the Prevailing Wage Rate Determination(s) and City of Austin Contact Information. These are provided at the pre-construction meeting by the Wage Compliance staff.