Austin Parks and Recreation Department will remodel the existing park restrooms at Walsh Boat Landing, to provide full ADA compliance with updated fixtures and accessories. Access to the park road, boat ramp, and entry will not be impacted during the renovation.


Construction is anticipated in January and February 2022 after completion of the bidding and negotiation phase. Portable toilets will be available on site during construction.

Image of the existing restroom


The Walsh Boat Landing is situated on Lake Austin and serves the community as a public boat ramp. Located at 1600 Scenic Drive near Enfield Drive, the existing park restroom was built in 1968 to service the surrounding park.


The current restroom configuration does not comply with several ADA requirements that allow use by persons with disabilities. All fixtures, lighting and mechanics within the existing restroom are not up to current standards and have reached the end of their usable life. The renovation to the restrooms will include (2) ADA accessible, gender specific restrooms. Both restrooms will be provide a single toilet inside a private lockable partition, a new baby changing table and new lavatory sink. Interior upgrades include new accessible grab bars, mirrors, and energy efficient LED lighting with occupancy sensors. Exterior upgrades include new LED sconce light replacements and a new accessible drinking fountain.  

Project design and construction are funded by 2018 bonds.

Image of existing restroom, side view


  • January 2021: Start of design phase for renovation drawings.
  • June 2021: 100% construction drawings complete
  • Summer 2021: Permit submittal and bid phase
  • Fall 2021- Winter 2021/2022: Project construction


PARD Project Coordinator: James Wheeler,