Key to the efforts to disperse affordable housing throughout Austin, this development of 50 new single-family homes is located in South Austin 78745, offering ownership opportunities to low- and moderate-income buyers. The subdivision will offer a shared equity model that will ensure long-term affordability.

Aerial view of westgate Grove Ownership Protect

Development: Westgate Grove Ownership Project
Award Recipient: PeopleTrust/MoMark Development
Development Profile: Property acquisition and new construction of single-family homes.
Total Housing Units: 50
Investment Impact: 50 affordable housing units at 99 years
Affordability: 50 units at 80% median family income or less
Location: Cameron Loop, Austin, TX 78745
Source of Funding: General Obligation Bonds
Amount Awarded: $1,815,300
Date approved by AHFC Board: September 24, 2009
Project Status: Site development permit approved February 2012