In recognition of the most intensively used parkland within the City of Austin (COA) the Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) has begun preliminary work to identify park improvements that build upon the recent renovations at Barton Springs Pool. In addition, PARD will continue to partner with allied COA departments and divisions such as Watershed Protection, Public Works, and Street and Bridge Operations to address many existing concerns for future enhancement of the project area.

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To view a map of project in Zilker Park, click on the image below.

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Barton Springs Bathhouse Renovation Zone

The purpose of this project is to develop an improvement plan that considers the Barton Springs Bathhouse, as well as its surrounding amenities and features, including how they interrelate. The plan will serve as a guide for future park improvements in the designated area.  The condition assessment study will analyze existing uses, utilities, environmental and historic aspects of this area. In addition to improvements for visitors and staff that use the bathhouse, the study will also focus on the following: pedestrian connectivity, playscape improvement/replacement, Zilker Park signage, parking and roadway and circulation improvements, irrigation and landscape renovation, improvements to the Pecan Grove Picnic Area, utilities upgrades and extension of rain water irrigation.

Funding: The projects are funded by the 2012 Bond.

Project Timeline

December 2008

Barton Springs Master Plan


Funding Provided from the 2012 Bond for Facility Renovation and Improvements

June-August 2015

MWM Design Group's Condition Assessment for Barton Springs Bathhouse Zone

October 2015- February 2016

Public Engagement

  • October 27th Open House

  • November 3rd Environmental/Infrastructure Focus Group

  • November 12th Bathhouse Focus Group

  • November 18th Children's Facilities Focus Group

  • December 9th Review and Alternative

  • January 9th Draft Recommendation

  • January 11th Land and Facilities Briefing

  • January 19th Joint Committie Environmental Board and PARD Board Briefing

  • March PARD Board Briefing

March 2016

Issue Final Feasibility Study


Initiate Funded Project Designs in the Bathhouse Zone

View the Community Engagement Summary

Final Feasibility Study

For additional information or to provide feedback contact the PARD Public Information Office at 512-974-6723 or by email.