Election History

Date of Election: November 3, 2020
Type of Election: Council,Bonds,Tax Rate
Council, Bond and Tax Rate
City Population (at Time of the Election): 978,908
Number of Registered Voters: 896,884
Total Ballots Cast: 635,805
Percent of Registered Voters Who Voted: 70.89%
District 10
December 15, 2020
Alter, Alison 15,640 34.17%
Virden, Jennifer 11,637 25.42%
Sethi, Pooja 8,295 18.12%
Thomas, Robert 7,599 16.60%
Greene, Belinda 1,364 2.98%
Easton, Bennett 847 1.85%
Tristan, Noel 390 0.85%
District 2
Fuentes, Vanessa 14,933 56.06%
Ramos, Casey 5,293 19.87%
Chincanchan, David 5,084 19.09%
Strenger, Alex 1,327 4.98%
District 4
Casar, Greg 11,629 66.81%
Herrin III, Louis C. 4,310 24.76%
Setepenre, Ramesses II 1,466 8.42%
District 6
December 15, 2020
Flannigan, James 14,278 40.16%
Kelly, Mackenzie 11,866 33.38%
Mushtaler, Jennifer 6,806 19.14%
Harrison, Dee 2,600 7.31%
District 7
Pool, Leslie 27,423 67.25%
Witt, Morgan 13,353 32.75%

Proposition A - Ordinance #20200812-009
Yes % Yes No % No
242457 57.92% 176166 42.08%
Approving the ad valorem tax rate of $0.5335 per $100 valuation in the City of Austin for the current year, a rate that is $0.0875 higher per $100 valuation than the voter-approval tax rate of the City of Austin, for the purpose of providing funds for a citywide traffic-easing rapid transit system know as Project Connect, to address traffic congestion, expand service for essential workers, reduce climate change emissions, decrease traffic fatalities, create jobs, and provide access to schools, health care, jobs and the airport; to include neighborhood supportive affordable housing investments along transit corridors and a fixed rail and bus rapid transit system, including associated road, sidewalk, bike and street lighting improvements, park and ride hubs, on-demand neighborhood circulator shuttles, and improved access for seniors and persons with disabilities; to be operated by the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, expanding its funds to build, operate and maintain the fixed rail and bus rapid transit system; the additional revenue raised by the tax rate is to be dedicated by the City to an independent board to oversee and finance the acquisition, construction, equipping, and operations and maintenance of the rapid transit system by providing funds for loans and grants to develop or expand transportation within the City, and to finance the transits supportive anti-displacement strategies related to Project Connect. Last year, the ad valorem tax rate in the City of Austin was $0.4431 per $100 valuation.

Proposition B - Ordinance #20200812-010
Yes % Yes No % No
276257 67.05% 135730 32.95%
The issuance of $460,000,000 in tax supported general obligation bonds and notes for planning, constructing, reconstructing, and improving sidewalks, urban trails, bikeways, bridges, roads, streets, intersections, and related utility and drainage infrastructure for the roads and streets; improving traffic signal synchronization and communications and control systems and acquiring and installing traffic signals and related technology to implement traffic safety and traffic fatality reduction strategies; and acquiring land and interests in land and property necessary to do so; and the levy of a tax sufficient to pay for the bonds and notes.

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