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Arte Texas presents La lucha sigue

Arte Texas Presents: La Lucha Sigue Eastside Stories
Gallery is open to the public starting Saturday, Sept 10, 2022!

Our La Lucha Sigue exhibit symbolizes the artwork that has a connection to the cultura, to our identity, and to our history. These native East Austin artists as well as our activist heroes have fought the lucha through battles in our community as well as honor our elder leaders who fought hard for equality, injustice, humanity, and most of all for a good quality of life. This lucha exhibit is the expression of East Austin Cultura. It displays passion, pain, knowledge, sweat, decades of hard work, and our history. Arte Texas's mission is to create a forum to connect veteran artists with emerging talent and for artists, to give back to the community they are rooted in and draw inspiration from their works of art in their environment. Arte Texas is focused on preserving, restoring, and celebrating the murals of street art, public art painting from the heart and soul of East Austin, a historical community where our Indigenous people are rooted: Mexican, Mexican-American, Chicano/a, Latino/a.

-Bertha Rendon Delgado, Curator / Founder Arte Texas

Participating Artists:

Mando "Taner" Martinez
Raymond "Rage" Mendoza
Raul Valdez
Serena Tijerina
Tony Gonzales
Mark Gonzales
Ramiro Marcias
Eli Zapata 

Emma S Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center
600 River Street
Austin, TX 78701
United States

Olivia Tamzarian