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Austin Trail of Lights 2020 is a drive-thru only eventTickets must be purchased in advance.

Enclosed, street-legal vehicles less than 27’ in length and vehicle height of 12.5’. Vehicles between 20’ and 27’ require two tickets.

Passenger vehicles only with a seat and seatbelt for each passenger – this means no box trucks, motorhomes, no riding in the bed of pickup trucks, no trailer rides or trailers.

Due to COVID-19 prevention policies, no open-air vehicles may enter the Trail of Lights. This includes bicycles, motorcycles, pedicabs, trailers, golf carts, horse and carriage, scooters, etc.

Vehicle size limitations – vehicles longer than 27’ are NOT permitted. Full sized school busses and shuttle busses will not be permitted.

For safety, all doors/roofs/trunks must remain closed at all times.

Please visit the Event's Website for more information.

Zilker Park
Austin, TX
United States

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