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Artist Reception for "Elements of Nature", "Second Sight: A Visual Opera" and "Connecting Everything Through Color"

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Join us at the Julia C. Butridge Gallery for the artist reception for "Elements of Nature" by Mars Woodhill, "Second Sight: A Visual Opera" by Darcie Book and "Connecting Everything Through Color" by Alicia Philley.

Sleek and modern natural materials are utilized in sculptures, mobiles and wall art as Mars Woodhill explores the "Elements of Nature", an idea that has resonated with philosophers, religions and cultures throughout time.  

"Second Sight: A Visual Opera" functions as a single artwork, an abstract narrative that unfolds as the viewer-participant moves through the space. In the darkness, in the unknown, we are in a world between dimensions. Inner worlds surface and secret lives are revealed. The large installation is an immersive experience, incorporating unexpected materials, and offering opportunities for discovery. Bring your flashlights!

In "Connecting Everything Through Color" Alicia Philley uses vibrant colors and precisely painted marks to tell stories of our lived environments and their impact on our bodies and minds. Mimicking the complexities of nature through fluttering lines of reflective acrylic paints, Philley alludes to motion, evanescent light, root and fungal networks, and the passage of time. 

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