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In response to the increasing concerns and fluidity of COVID-19 situation, the City of Austin has decided to postpone meetings and action related to the Land Development Code Revision

On March 26th, the City of Austin is hosting a stakeholder meeting to discuss the first set of administrative rule updates proposed to implement the Land Development Code (LDC) Revision. This meeting will identify and describe the rules that will need to be updated upon code adoption, including revisions to the Transportation Criteria Manual, Drainage Criteria Manual, Environmental Criteria Manual, Administrative Criteria Manual, and Building Criteria Manual. 

Please save the date to attend this stakeholder meeting on March 26th. We plan to release an agenda for the meeting on or around March 20th and will update this invite with a more detailed schedule. The meeting will start at 9:30am but the end time may be adjusted when the agenda is published.

For any additional questions, please contact David Gonzalez at David.Gonzalez2@austintexas.gov. 

Scheduled Meeting Disclosure Information

In accordance with City of Austin Ordinance 20160922-005, the responsibility of written disclosure is required by visitors when attending a scheduled meeting with a City Official regarding a municipal question as defined within City Code 4-8-2 for compensation on behalf of another person. Development Services Department has elected to implement an electronic survey as the methodology to provide the opportunity to record information as required of the department under Section 4-8-8 (E) of the City Code. Individuals scheduling or accepting a meeting invitation with a City Official are requested to provide responses to the questions included in the department survey available at the following link: DSD Survey. Please note that all information provided is subject to public disclosure via DSD’s open data portal.
For more information please visit: City of Austin Ordinance 2016-0922-005  |  City Clerk’s website  |  City Clerk’s FAQs

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