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Solicitation Details
Type: Request For Qualifications (RFQS) 
Status: Closed  
Solicitation Number: RFQS 6100 CLMP322 
Description: IH-35 Cap & Stitch Improvements Consultant 
Summary: The City of Austin (City) is seeking an external consultant team (Consultant) to provide IH-35 Cap & Stitch project development and engineering; Urban Design and Land Planning; Communications, Public Outreach, Community and Cultural Engagement and ongoing Communication Services. The City of Austin is leading this study in conjunction with TxDOT’s IH-35 Capital Express Central Project to refine cap and stitch concepts from the first phase of IH-35 Cap & Stitch study; analyze impacts and opportunities for the community; and provide outreach to the community and stakeholders.  
Estimated Amount for Solicitation:
Vendor Name Doing Business As
Arup Texas Inc. Arup
Rogers Architects, PLLC Rogers Partners
Yorth Inc Yorth Group
Basic Information
Subcontracting Goals
African American 1.90%
Hispanic American 9.00%
Native/Asian American 4.90%
WBE 15.80%
Contact Information
Authorized Contact Names:
Project Related Questions: Eric Bollich
(512) 974-7767
Solicitation Specific
Precious Anyacho
(512) 974-3742
Small Minority Business
Resources Questions:
Amy Amaya
(512) 974-7605
Dates, Times & Locations
Important Solicitation Dates:
Solicitation Published: 08/10/2021 03:28 PM
Response Due: Prior to 09/17/2021, 02:00 PM
Capital Contracting Office,  505 Barton Springs Rd,  Austin, TX  78704
Room/Suite 365
Compliance Plan Due: Prior to 09/17/2021 02:00 PM  Required Required Capital Contracting Office,  505 Barton Springs Rd,  Austin, TX  78704
Room/Suite 365
One Texas Center Ste. 365 and E-Response
Response Opening: 09/17/2021, 02:00 PM
One Texas Center,  505 Barton Springs Rd,  Austin, TX  78704
Room/Suite 365
One Texas Center Ste. 365 and E-Response
Vendor Meetings/Conference, Site Visits (Date/Time/Location):
Meeting: 08/17/2021, 10:00 AM
The Pre-Response meeting will be conducted virtually. (See RFQ-Request For Qualifications for link to MS Teams Virtual Meeting) Go to, Go to the Vendor Connection site
Special Notes
Special Notes: Insurance is Required. Required
Compliance Plan Required.
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Associated Commodities
Description Code
Landscape Architecture 90656
Planning, Urban (Community, Regional, Areawide,and State) 90664
Public Information Services 91573
Environmental Consulting (INCL. SUSTAINABILITY) 91843
Finance/Economics Consulting 91849
Real Estate/Land Consulting 91889
Urban Planning Consulting 91892
Civil Engineering 92517
Facilities Design Engineering 92537
Structural Engineering 92588
Traffic and Transportation Engineering 92593
Tunnels and Subways/Engineering 92594
Cost Estimating 96121
Utility Locator Service (Underground) 96291
Graphic Design Services for Printing 96546
Trade Summary
Description Category Code
Landscape Architecture Professional 90656
Planning, Urban (Community, Regional, Areawide,And State) Professional 90664
Public Information Services Non-professional 91573
Outreach Services Non-professional 9157355
Environmental Consulting (Incl. Sustainability) Non-professional 91843
Finance/Economics Consulting Non-professional 91849
Real Estate/Land Consulting Non-professional 91889
Urban Planning Consulting Non-professional 91892
Civil Engineering Professional 92517
Facilities Design Engineering Professional 92537
Structural Engineering Professional 92588
Traffic And Transportation Engineering Professional 92593
Tunnels And Subways/Engineering Professional 92594
Project Management Services Non-professional 95877
Arborist, Professional Services Non-professional 96101
Cost Estimating Non-professional 96121
Utility Locator Service (Underground) Non-professional 96291
Graphic Design Services For Printing Non-professional 96546