List of Current Solicitations
Solicitation Number / Description(s) Due Date  
RFQS 6100 CLMA021 
ACC Warehouse and Marshalling Yard
Marshalling Facility, which entails the planned construction of an approximately 30,000 gross square foot mixed use building containing warehouse and office space, the construction of truck and passenger vehicle parking, ADA-accessible routes, coordination with adjacent property owners, and connections to existing utilities.
09/04/2018 View Details
IFB 6100 CLMC704 
ABIA Campus HVAC Improvements
Upgrade the Parking Operations Building, Information Systems Building and Lighting Vault Building mechanical systems.
08/23/2018 View Details
RFI 1500 SLW6000 
RFI for Mattress Recycling Recycling and Collection Services
08/16/2018 View Details
RFQS 6100 CLMP247 
Engineering Services for Electric Service Delivery
Principally provide staff augmentation engineering services, and to a lesser degree, associated services, for Austin Energy's Transmission, Substation, Distribution, Planning, Project Management, Operations, Public Involvement and Real Estate, and Network Engineering Groups. The selected firm shall serve as Electric Service Delivery’s professional consultant and shall provide technical consultation and advice to Austin Energy (AE). The firm shall be capable of producing turnkey project and construction drawing packages. The firm shall also be capable of supplying on-site staff augmentation (at AE offices) engineering, technical, and drafting personnel as needed. The specific skills required and duration of time will be provided in each scope of work that is issued to the firm. The firm must be capable of transmitting correspondence and drawings via an approved internet connection.
08/16/2018 View Details
IFB 2400 ELL1005 
Battery Back System/Signals
Battery Backup System for traffic signal cabinets and batteries.
08/16/2018 View Details
IFB 6100 CLMC716 
Forest Ridge Ground Storage Reservoir
The Work consists of the rehabilitation of a 3.0 MG welded steel ground storage tank, including abrasive blasting and recoating the interior and exterior, structural, safety and electrical improvements, site improvements and other appurtenant work.
08/09/2018 View Details
RFQ 8100 SBR2000 
Event Coordinator/Planner at ABIA for Expansion
Event Coordinator/Planner at ABIA for Expansion; The City of Austin Aviation Department at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (the "Airport") is seeking an event production manager or “Contractor” to assist in the implementation of several upcoming special events to celebrate the opening of the new terminal expansion.
08/08/2018 View Details
RFQS 1100 SMB4000 
DR Mgmt Portal & API for Programmable Communicating Thermostats & Other Distributed Energy Resources
Seeking multiple contractors to provide demand response portal, enrollment portal and API for residential and small commercial buildings under Austin Energy's Power Partner Thermostat program.
08/07/2018 View Details
IFB 1100 DNJ1000 
Poles, STL GALV Buy America
08/02/2018 View Details
IFB 1100 DNJ1002 
Commercial Driver Training
CDL training
08/02/2018 View Details
IFB 2200 GLB1006 
Calcium Nitrate Solution
The City of Austin (“City”) seeks to establish a contract with a qualified Vendor (“Contractor”) who can provide calcium nitrate solution (“Calcium Nitrate”), feed systems and associated installation and maintenance services including all labor, materials, equipment, and supplies. Calcium Nitrate is used in removing hydrogen sulfide, thereby controlling odor and corrosion within wastewater collection system.
08/02/2018 View Details
RFP 7500 KDS3001 
Painting Services
08/02/2018 View Details
RFP 1100 SMB3005 
AE Library Exhibit & Classroom Activity - Design, Production
Design, Production & Installation of Austin Energy's Library Exhibit and Classroom Activity
08/02/2018 View Details
IFB 6100 CLMC719 
Burleson Road Pressure Conversion
Approximately 3,800 feet of 24" main. The project will extend the Central Service Area pressure zone on the south side of the Colorado River from the Commerce Center South Office Park to the Clay/Kizer Golf Course. It will convert the Clay/Kizer Course to a higher pressure zone and free up capacity in the Central Low Service Area. This project is a prerequisite for serving the Onion Creek Development. It is also a prerequisite for serving the Onion Creek Soccer Fields, the Onion Creek District Park, and the Goodnight Ranch Subdivision
08/02/2018 View Details
IFB 9100 JRH1004 
Clinic Air Filtration Maintenance
07/31/2018 View Details
IFB 8100 SLW0123REBID2 
Maint & Repair for Grease Trap, Trash Compactor, & Wash Rack
The City of Austin seeks qualified vendors to provide grease trap, trash compactor and wash rack maintenance and repair services for the City located at Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). The Contract is for the removal and disposal of grease and sludge materials located in the grease, trash compactor, and car wash pits on an as needed basis as stipulated in the scope of work.
07/31/2018 View Details
RFP 8600 MHJ3003 
PARD Rec Ctrs provide youth & adult enrichment Programs
07/31/2018 View Details
RFI 2200 CDL6000 
Beneficial Reuse of Biosolids
Request for Information
07/28/2018 View Details
RFQ 5500 MHJ2002 
Sound Monitoring Project
Sound Monitoring Project - The City of Austin Music & Entertainment Division is seeking proposals for a comprehensive twelve (12) month sound monitoring pilot study. The purpose of the pilot project is to assess the benefits of testing fixed in-place sound monitoring technology in City of Austin entertainment districts.
07/27/2018 View Details
RFQ 5800 SSC2000 
The City of Austin seeks to obtain quotes for the broadest coverage available in the current market place for General Liability Insurance for the daily operations and activities conducted at the City of Austin’s City Hall building. The City will award a contract to one (1) contractor.
07/27/2018 View Details
IFB 1100 MEA1000 
CEMS Monitor
CEMS Analyzer,for warehouse at Sand Hill Energy Center
07/26/2018 View Details
IFB 6100 CLMC697B 
E. 7th Street @ Chicon & Calles Sts Intersection Improvement
In summer 2011 the City of Austin completed improvements along East 7th Street from Navasota to Pleasant Valley including street reconstruction, resurfacing of travel lanes, and drainage and streetscape improvements. Shortly following construction, the project team identified deficiencies in the pavers at the intersections of 7th Street and Chicon & Calles Streets. Temporary repairs were made until a more permanent solution could be identified. After meeting with project stakeholders, the team has determined that the best path forward is to remove the existing pavers and install colored concrete that will best match the existing layout
07/26/2018 View Details
IFB 6100 CLMC717 
Slaughter/South 1st Intersection Safety Improvements
Safety improvements at three discrete intersections (Slaughter/South 1st, Slaughter/Cullen and IH35/Braker) within the City of Austin. The scope of work includes intersection reconfiguration, adding of raised medians for access management, addition of turn lanes, signal phasing and modification, sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, new or upgraded bicycle facilities, associated signing, striping and paving.
07/26/2018 View Details
RFI 9100 EAD6000 
ARCH Shelter Operations & Services
The City of Austin requests information (RFI) in response to the Draft Scope of Work. This Draft Scope of Work incorporates input from an extensive stakeholder input process which included community forums, on-line surveys, Bloomberg iTeam recommendations, the ECHO Action Plan to End Homelessness, and the National Alliance to End Homelessness Recommendations.
07/24/2018 View Details
IFB 1500 SLW1006 
Buckets and Lids
The Contractor will provide buckets and lids designed for food scraps in commercial kitchens and for Austin Resource Recovery's re-blended paint program.
07/24/2018 View Details
IFB 1600 PAT1002 
Temporary Board Up Services
This solicitation is board Up services to cover damaged openings on properties to prevent unauthorized entry.
07/24/2018 View Details
IFB 1600 PAT1001 
Temporary Fencing Services
This solicitation is for the rental or lease of temporary fencing for securing different properties around the City.
07/24/2018 View Details
IFB 6200 SLW1007 
Waste Removal Services for City-Owned Portable Toilet
The City of Austin is seeking a qualified Contractor to provide waste removal services for City owned portable toilets in the downtown Austin area. Currently the City has one portable unit available. The contract will be utilized by the City’s Public Works Department, Street & Bridge Division on an as needed basis to perform waste removal services for the testing of public locations in Austin. The portable toilet will be moved to varying locations within the Right-of-Way (ROW) up to a 5 mile radius from the Texas State Capitol
07/24/2018 View Details
RFP 5600 GAZ3000 
Structured communications cabling services
Inside Plant Cabling Expansions, New Sites, and Maintenance
07/24/2018 View Details
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