List of Current Solicitations
RFP 5500 SMW3002  View Details
Due Date: 01/16/2020
Redevelopment of 1215 Red River and 606 East 12th Streets
The City of Austin seeks to redevelop its properties at 1215 Red River and 606 East 12th Streets and anticipates responses which: 1) explore innovative development proposals that increase the Downtown area’s supply of mixed-income housing, specifically including multiple-bedroom housing for households earning at or below 60 percent of area median family income. 2) develop the site in a manner that supports Austin values; and 3) maximize value to the City and its taxpayers through cash and/or in-kind contributions.
IFB 6100 CLMC765  View Details
Due Date: 12/19/2019
Brentwood/Arcadia Avenue Water and Wastewater Pipeline Renew
The work consists of replacing existing deteriorated or undersized water & wastewater lines within the ROW. Water system upgrades include approx. 10,187 LF of 6".8" and 12 inch PVC pipe and all services & appurtenances. Wastewater system upgrades include aprox. 7,309 LF of 8" and 12 inch PVC pipe, manholes and service connections. Wastewater upgrades also include lining of 1212 LF of concrete pipe by cured in place lining method (CIPP).
RFP 8200 BYS3000  View Details
Due Date: 12/17/2019
Online Learning Subscription Service
The City of Austin (City) seeks to establish a Contract with a qualified Vendor (Contractor) experienced in providing an online learning subscription service with Learning Management System.
IFB 6100 CLMC760  View Details
Due Date: 12/12/2019
North Austin Reservoir and Pump Station Improvements
The project includes decommissioning the existing infrastructure at the North Austin reservoir and pump station and constructing a new North Zone Pump Station and ground storage reservoir.
IFB 6100 CLMC739  View Details
Due Date: 12/12/2019
South Austin Regional WWTP Electrical Substation No.1 Replacement
The Work consists of, but is not limited to, installation of a new Substation No. 1 Building housing proposed medium voltage power distribution equipment, with associated instrumentation and controls, auxiliary power, and HVAC system. The project also entail renovation to the plant site medium voltage power distribution duct bank system for distribution of power to various process areas in the plant.
RFQS 6100 CLMA030  View Details
Due Date: 12/11/2019
Dove Springs Public Health Facility
Design and build a new public health center in the Dove Springs neighborhood
RFQS 6100 CLMP286  View Details
Due Date: 12/11/2019
Branch Library Interior Renovations
The City of Austin Public Library Department (APL) anticipates selecting a qualified firm to provide planning and design services for five renovated improved branch libraries (Old Quarry, Little Walnut Creek, Manchaca, Willie Mae Kirk, and St. John). The work requires project designs that are reflective of the emerging architectural styles of our region and sympathetic to the local environment, and fully supportive of the role that branch library must fulfill for its community. Project team members must exhibit sensitivity to City of Austin initiatives including citizen participation in the design processes, Art in Public Places, and project team participation by minority and women-owned businesses.
RFQS 6100 CLMP285  View Details
Due Date: 12/09/2019
2020 DSD Construction Materials Engineering Services RL
The City of Austin anticipates contracting with five (5) qualified firms for approximately two (2) years to provide construction materials engineering services. The City anticipates a combination of services required for designated site-specific development construction projects for privately-funded developer projects. The services associated with this category will typically include laboratory and field testing of construction materials and preparations of testing and inspection reports. The City requires the selected firms to provide “call-out” sampling, laboratory and field investigations, and preparation of reports indicating whether or not the materials meet the requirements of the Construction Documents. Work in this area may include one or more of the following: soil, rock, concrete, Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete (HMAC), coatings and flexible base stockpiles.
RFQS 6100 CLMP288  View Details
Due Date: 12/06/2019
CLMP288 2020 Engineering Services for Austin Energy Plants
The City anticipates selecting up to (3) qualified firms to provide specialized engineering and associated technical services for planning, analyzing, designing and constructing improvements, additions and upgrades to Austin Energy (AE) water distribution/transmission systems including customer connections. The work will include additions, extensions and retrofits to existing plants and distribution systems to increase system load or improve overall operations, efficiency and reliability.
IFB 2200 OXV1030  View Details
Due Date: 12/05/2019
Laboratory Gases
The City of Austin (“City”) seeks to establish a contract with a qualified Vendor (“Contractor”) to provide laboratory gases for the Austin Water Laboratories.
IFB 6100 CLMC767  View Details
Due Date: 12/05/2019
Water Meter Upgrades (Phase 2) 3inch Diameter & Larger IDIQ
The Work generally consists of providing the following services, including but not limited to: Replacement and repair related to large water meter installations/exchanges specifically the individual components thereof such as meters, valves, bypass lines and piping both inside and outside of the vault, the vault, and vault lids. Water meters to be provided by OWNER and installed by CONTRACTOR. CONTRACTOR will have some potholing and planning to provide layout drawings showing scope of work for each Work Assignment.
IFB 2200 BYO1005  View Details
Due Date: 12/03/2019
The City of Austin (“City”) seeks to establish a contract with a qualified Vendor (“Contractor”) for High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. These shall be utilized for installation and repairs made throughout the City.
IFB 2200 PAT1027  View Details
Due Date: 12/03/2019
Epoxy Cement Manhole Seal Kits
Epoxy Cement Manhole Seal
RFP 1100 PAX3150REBID  View Details
Due Date: 12/03/2019
Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) Solution
Austin Energy is requesting proposals from solution providers qualified and experienced in energy trading risk management, to provide a turnkey Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) solution.
IFB 2200 OXV1031  View Details
Due Date: 11/21/2019
PVC Wastewater Line Fittings
The City of Austin (“City”) seeks to establish a contract with a qualified Vendor (“Contractor”) for PVC wastewater line fittings. The wastewater line fittings parts shall be utilized for repairs made by the City.
RFP 1100 JMF3002REBID  View Details
Due Date: 11/21/2019
Sand Hill Emergency Hydrogen Purge Systems
The City of Austin seeks qualified Contractor to provide, deliver, install, and successfully commission two generator fast degas and automatic purge systems for Sand Hill Energy Center power generation facility’s Units 5A and 5C.
IFB 6100 CLMC763  View Details
Due Date: 11/21/2019
Boggy Creek-MLK TOD Stormwater Conveyance Improvements Ph 1
Improvements include new stormdrain infrastructure on MLK Jr. Boulevard near the Capital Metro Red Line.
IFB 6100 CLMC736  View Details
Due Date: 11/21/2019
Williamson Creek - Bitter Creek Tributary Channel Rehab
Watershed Protection Department has identified a tributary to Williamson Creek as a priority reach for erosion repair. This stream has adjusted to urbanization by becoming wider and deeper, impacting approximately 67 residential properties along the reach and degrading the riparian habitat. The repair project will stabilize the stream erosion, replace degraded storm drain infrastructure, remove trash, remove sediment from an inline pond, and improve the ecological function.
IFB 6100 CLMC766  View Details
Due Date: 11/21/2019
Asphalt Parking Lot/Roads Construction, Rehab & Repair IDIQ
The repair, modification and rehabilitation of existing parking lots and roads (including subgrade repair, curb repair, seal coats, striping and signage) The new construction of parking lots and roads (including subgrade preparation, concrete curbs, striping and signage)
RFQS 6100 CLMP277  View Details
Due Date: 11/20/2019
2020 Stormwater Mapping & Modeling RL
The Watershed Protection Department (WPD) is establishing a RL in response to the changes in rainfall information resulting from the publication of the NOAA Atlas 14 report. WPD has identified and anticipates a number of engineering projects for floodplain modeling and mapping. Additionally, WPD has identified the need for technical support services to support the WPD's floodplain modeling and mapping projects.
RFQS 6100 CLMP287  View Details
Due Date: 11/20/2019
Branch Library Roof Replacement & System Upgrades
The City of Austin Public Library Department anticipates selecting a qualified firm to provide roof replacement and system upgrade services for six branch libraries (Ruiz, Carver, University Hills, Howson, Spicewood Spring, and Yarborough Branch).
RFQS 6100 CLMP284  View Details
Due Date: 11/20/2019
Walnut Creek Primary Clarifier & Flow Equalization Basin Reh
The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate and make improvements to the Primary Treatment Complexes (PTCs) at Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). There are two PTCs, No. 1 and No. 2, each consisting of two trains of primary clarifiers and in-line flow equalization basins (FEBs). Most of the mechanical and other components in PTC No. 1 and No. 2 are beyond their useful life.
RFQS 6100 CLMP275  View Details
Due Date: 11/20/2019
2020 Building Commissioning (Cx)Services Rotation List
Soliciting for up to five (5) firms to provide Building Commissioning Services
RFQS 6100 CLMP282  View Details
Due Date: 11/20/2019
Faulk Library/History Center - Archival Repository Expansion
Restore and renovate the Austin History Center and renovate the Faulk Central Library
IFB 7800 JRH1024  View Details
Due Date: 11/19/2019
Toyota Vehicles Parts and Repair Services
Parts and Repair Services for Toyota Vehicles
IFB 7800 OXV1032  View Details
Due Date: 11/19/2019
Decal-making supplies for vehicles and equipment.
The City of Austin (“City”) seeks to establish a contract with a qualified vendor (“Contractor”) to provide Gerber and 3M manufactured decal-making supplies for the City’s vehicles and equipment.
IFB 7800 JRH1021  View Details
Due Date: 11/19/2019
Kawasaki Police Motorcycles parts and repair services
IFB 2200 PAT1026  View Details
Due Date: 11/19/2019
Resilient-Seated Gate Valves
IFB 8300 DCM1013  View Details
Due Date: 11/19/2019
Brush Pickup and Disposal Services
Curb side and trailer pick up of brush from ESD4 areas.
IFB 7800 SLW1029  View Details
Due Date: 11/19/2019
Fuel Island Parts, Repairs, and Upgrades
Parts, maintenance, repairs and upgrades to CIty's fueling stations.
Important Notices
The State of Texas has enacted a new law that concerns Vendors doing business with local governments effective January 1, 2006. All Vendors must now register with the City of Austin before they submit a bid or proposal. Please take the time to read the information in the Conflict of Interest Disclosure:
City of Austin employees may not accept any gifts from vendors. Please do not offer or provide gifts or favors to City employees or to City offices. This includes paying for meals.
On October 2, 1995, a revision to the City's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) / Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Ordinance became effective.
The Ordinance establishes new goals for MBE / WBE / DBE Participation. Bidders are required to document efforts to solicit MBE / WBE / DBEs in the Compliance Plan. The Goals for each project and the instructions and forms for the Compliance Plan are included in the MBE / WBE / DBE Program Packet included in the solicitation. For construction contracts, the MBE / WBE / DBE Program Packet is a separately bound volume of the Project Manual.
On June 14, 2018, Council repealed and replaced Article 6 of Chapter 2‐7 Anti‐Lobbying and Procurement. Please read the new ordinance here.