List of Current Solicitations
IFB 2200 GLB1012  View Details
Due Date: 02/14/2019
Aggregate Materials
This specification establishes the minimum requirements for the purchase of gem sand and washed gravel aggregate to be used for City of Austin projects at various locations and worksites to be delivered to City specified sites within the City of Austin and City of Austin ETJ.
IFB 1100 JMF1001  View Details
Due Date: 02/12/2019
Safety Gloves and Hard Hats
IFB 2200 GLB1016  View Details
Due Date: 02/07/2019
Lab Organic Chemical Reference Standards
The City of Austin (“City”), seeks bids in response to this solicitation to establish a contract with a qualified Vendor (“Contractor”) for establishing a catalog supply agreement for organic chemical reference standards for the Austin Water & Wastewater Utility Laboratory Services Division’s Organic Analysis Section.
IFB 8600 SLW1015  View Details
Due Date: 02/05/2019
Monument Lifting and Installation Equipment
The purpose of this solicitation is for the City of Austin (“City”), through its Parks and Recreation Department, to identify qualified contractors to provide monument lifting and installation equipment for the Parks and Recreation Cemeteries.
RFP 8700 DDM3000  View Details
Due Date: 02/05/2019
Community Sentiment and Satisfaction Survey
IFB 8700 DTB1002  View Details
Due Date: 01/31/2019
New contract for hay for APD Mounted Patrol Re-Bid
This solicitation is for the supply of Coastal and Alfalfa hay for the City of Austin Police Department (APD) Mounted Patrol Unit. Hay will be used for maintaining APD Mounted Patrol horses’ nutritional requirements.
IFB 2200 GLB1015  View Details
Due Date: 01/29/2019
Phase Separator Dewatering Roll-off Containers
The City of Austin (“City”) seeks bids in response to this solicitation to purchase from a qualified Vendor (“Contractor”) five (5) Phase Separator Dewatering Roll-off Containers. These containers are an essential part of dewatering sludge, clarifying liquids, phase separation, material recovery and septage dewatering process of waste and sludge.
IFB 7800 MMO1008  View Details
Due Date: 01/29/2019
Purchase of police-type motorcycles.
IFB 2200 PAT1007  View Details
Due Date: 01/29/2019
Full circle couplings/ blair fittings
IFB 2200 GLB1014  View Details
Due Date: 01/24/2019
Fire Hydrants
The City of Austin (City) seeks bids in response to this solicitation to establish a contract with a qualified vendor (Contractor) for fire hydrants. The fire hydrants will be installed in the City.
Office Information
Image of a map snapshot for the location of the Municipal Building.
Purchasing Office
Contact Information
(512)974-2500 (Phone)
(512)974-2388 (Fax)
(512)974-2018 (Vendor Registration)

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1088
Austin, TX 78767

Municipal Building
124 W. 8th Street, Room 308
Austin, TX 78701-2302
Capital Contracting Office
Contact Information
(512)974-7181 (Phone)
(512)974-7297 (Fax)

Location & Mailing Address
505 Barton Springs Rd., Suite 1045
Austin, TX 78704
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Important Notices
The State of Texas has enacted a new law that concerns Vendors doing business with local governments effective January 1, 2006. All Vendors must now register with the City of Austin before they submit a bid or proposal. Please take the time to read the information in the Conflict of Interest Disclosure:
City of Austin employees may not accept any gifts from vendors. Please do not offer or provide gifts or favors to City employees or to City offices. This includes paying for meals.
On October 2, 1995, a revision to the City's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) / Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Ordinance became effective.
The Ordinance establishes new goals for MBE / WBE / DBE Participation. Bidders are required to document efforts to solicit MBE / WBE / DBEs in the Compliance Plan. The Goals for each project and the instructions and forms for the Compliance Plan are included in the MBE / WBE / DBE Program Packet included in the solicitation. For construction contracts, the MBE / WBE / DBE Program Packet is a separately bound volume of the Project Manual.
On June 14, 2018, Council repealed and replaced Article 6 of Chapter 2‐7 Anti‐Lobbying and Procurement. Please read the new ordinance here.