List of Current Solicitations
Solicitation Number / Description(s) Due Date  
RFI 8600 ELF6002 
Aquatics Self-Service Kiosk Payment System - REVENUE SHARING
11/14/2018 View Details
RFI 8600 ELF6001 
Aquatics Self-Service Kiosk Payment System
11/14/2018 View Details
RFP 2400 MMO3001 
Communication Services for ATD Programs
To establish a contract between the City of Austin and a qualified Contractor to provide marketing and communications support to execute educational campaigns for the Austin Transportation Department
11/13/2018 View Details
IFB 7800 JRH1005 
Automotive Body Repair Services
To establish a contract with multiple vendors able to provide automotive body repair services with associated parts for City of Austin vehicles.
11/06/2018 View Details
IFB 8200 LNH1002 
Window Cleaning Services
The City of Austin (City) seeks a qualified Contractor who has proven experience in cleaning of interior and exterior windows including window frames, windowsills, mullions, ledges, screens, and high dusting for interior surfaces that are not easily accessible to the City custodial staff.
11/06/2018 View Details
RFP 7200 JRH3001 
CDBG Teen Parent Child Care
The Teen Parent Child Care Program is intended to provide child care for children ages zero through five years old, and provide support to parents. The total annual budget for this Contract is $102,156.
11/06/2018 View Details
RFP 8600 GLB3000 
Master Planning Services for John Trevino Jr. Metro Park
Provide a master plan to guide future development and use of John Trevino Jr. Metropolitan Park at Morrison Ranch located at 9501 FM969 Austin, Texas.
11/01/2018 View Details
RFP 7400 LNH3004 
Public Improvement District Administration
Contract with a qualified respondent to provide administrative and management services for the City's current and future Public Improvement Districts (PIDs).
11/01/2018 View Details
RFP 6200 JRD3004 
Tree Maintenance Service
This is to establish a contract for tree and brush pruning, removal, and general maintenance services. Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope prior to the close date and time by mail or in person.
11/01/2018 View Details
RFP 1100 EAL3000 
Quality Monitoring Services for Utility Contact Center
AE seeks an experienced Contractor to monitor Utility Contact Center (UCC) calls and score them according to AE’s established quality standards. The Contractor will provide constructive feedback to drive continuous improvement over three phases.
10/30/2018 View Details
ARCH Shelter Operations & Services REBID
The City of Austin (“City”) seeks a qualified nonprofit or governmental entity to provide emergency shelter services and connection to permanent housing services at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH) at 500 E. 7th Street, Austin, Texas, 78701. The ARCH, which opened in 2004, is a 28,000+ square foot facility designed to offer a variety of services for individuals experiencing homelessness with the goal of resolving individuals’ housing crises. The City of Austin owns the building and contracts with a nonprofit agency to provide emergency shelter services, connection to housing services, facility operations and facility management.
10/30/2018 View Details
RFQ 1600 SLW2000 
Repeat Offender Program Evaluator
Austin Code Department is seeking a highly qualified and experienced evaluator to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Repeat Offender Program as prescribed by City Ordinance No. 20130926-012 & No. 20141120-003.
10/25/2018 View Details
IFB 8200 GLB1009 
Locksmith Services
The City of Austin ("City") seeks to establish a Contract with a qualified Vendor (“Contractor”) for all-inclusive security locking hardware, locksmith services and safe services and repair at several City locations.
10/25/2018 View Details
RFP 1100 DMD3001 
Pump Maintenance for Decker and Sand Hill
The purpose of this solicitation is to provide AE Power Production with readily available access to Contractor’s labor force, supervision, tools, equipment, materials, and subcontract services for the performance of maintenance, overhaul outage support, upgrades, and emergency response assistance for large, utility-size pumps.
10/23/2018 View Details
IFB 7800 ELL1007 
Maintenance and Repair for Parts Washers
10/23/2018 View Details
RFQ 1600 MHJ2004 
Compliance Technology Solution Provider - Short Term Rentals
Compliance Technology Solution Provider - Short Term Rentals: Austin Code Department (“ACD”) seeks a qualified and experienced compliance technology solution provider (“Contractor”) to systematically identify unlicensed short-term rental/vacation properties operating in the Austin full-jurisdiction area and bring these properties into compliance with City of Austin Ordinance No. 20130926-144.
10/22/2018 View Details
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Important Notices
The State of Texas has enacted a new law that concerns Vendors doing business with local governments effective January 1, 2006. All Vendors must now register with the City of Austin before they submit a bid or proposal. Please take the time to read the information in the Conflict of Interest Disclosure:
City of Austin employees may not accept any gifts from vendors. Please do not offer or provide gifts or favors to City employees or to City offices. This includes paying for meals.
On October 2, 1995, a revision to the City's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) / Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Ordinance became effective.
The Ordinance establishes new goals for MBE / WBE / DBE Participation. Bidders are required to document efforts to solicit MBE / WBE / DBEs in the Compliance Plan. The Goals for each project and the instructions and forms for the Compliance Plan are included in the MBE / WBE / DBE Program Packet included in the solicitation. For construction contracts, the MBE / WBE / DBE Program Packet is a separately bound volume of the Project Manual.
On June 14, 2018, Council repealed and replaced Article 6 of Chapter 2‐7 Anti‐Lobbying and Procurement. Please read the new ordinance here.