List of Current Solicitations
Solicitation Number / Description(s) Due Date  
RFP 8700 EAD3001 
Police Cadet Pre-Employment Assessment
The City of Austin (“City”) seeks Contractors qualified and experienced in the development and administration of pre-employment assessments for law enforcement positions. The City seeks a scored pre-hire assessment that will be used to create a rank-ordered hiring eligibility list for the position of police officer in the Austin Police Department (“APD”).
06/19/2018 View Details
RFP 1100 SMB3003 
Support, Amazon Web Services & DR Automation Servers
Provide technical support to support Amazon Web Services and Demand Response Automation Servers which host and operate the systems for Austin Energy's Load Coop and Emergency Response Services Programs.
06/12/2018 View Details
RFP 1100 SMB3002 
C&I Demand Response Program Expansion
Provide support of C&I DR program by supporting the Load Coop and Emergency Response Service programs, increase customer participation in existing manually administered C&U DR program; support expansion of ADR prgram.
06/12/2018 View Details
IFB 1100 PAB1000 
Landscaping/Ground Maintenance Services at SCC
06/07/2018 View Details
IFB 2200 MDD1000 
Sludge pumping, hauling, disposal and wet well cleaning
Pumping and hauling of Sludge and Lift Station (Wet Well) Cleaning
06/07/2018 View Details
RFP 1500 MHJ3001 
Zero Waste Youth Education Program
Zero Waste Youth Education Program: The City of Austin (“City”) seeks Contractor(s) qualified to provide outreach and educational services for students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. The services shall be performed within Austin Resource Recovery’s (ARR) service area, as referenced in Attachment B. The awarded Contractor shall develop a program and materials that shall introduce students to Zero Waste concepts including reuse, recycling, and composting.
06/07/2018 View Details
RFP 1500 SLW3000 
Landfill Gas Collection Services
The City of Austin, seeks Contractors qualified to provide greenhouse gas monitoring and services, all required reporting for leachate, methane gas collections, control system operations, regulatory guidance and expertise, maintenance, improvement, additional infrastructure, and repair services at the closed Austin Resource Recovery landfill located at 10108 FM 812, Austin, Texas 78719 (“FM 812 Landfill”). This contract will also provide non-routine and emergency services for all associated components as needed and determined by the City.
06/07/2018 View Details
IFB 8100 LNH1000 
Plumbing maint, & emergency repairs at ABIA
Plumbing Maintenance & Repair Services at ABIA
05/31/2018 View Details
IFB 7800 SLW1003 
Recycling of Scrap Tires and Rubber
This Invitation for Bids is to establish a Contract with a vendor able to provide recycling of scrap tires and rubber including removal, diversion, and disposal services for the City of Austin.
05/31/2018 View Details
IFB 7800 ELL1002 
Inspection and Testing of Automotive lifts and cranses
This is to establish a contract for the inspection of Automotive Lifts and Cranes. Offers must be submitted in a sealed envelope prior to the close date and time by mail or in person
05/31/2018 View Details
IFB 8100 SLW0123REBID 
Maint & Repair for Grease Trap, Trash Compactor, & Wash Rack
Maintenance and Repair Services for Grease Trap, Trash Compactor, and Wash Rack System
05/31/2018 View Details
RFP 1100 SMB0112 
Evaluation & Benchmarking, DemandSide Management Pgm Savings
Evaluation and benchmarking of DSM program savings through a review of calculations, baselines, and assumptions for energy and demand savings and identification of best practices for MVE calculation processes.
05/29/2018 View Details
RFP 5600 PAX0145 
Healthcare Revenue Management Clearinghouse Service
Healthcare Revenue Management Clearinghouse Software, Maintenance, and Support
05/29/2018 View Details
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Important Notices
The State of Texas has enacted a new law that concerns Vendors doing business with local governments effective January 1, 2006. All Vendors must now register with the City of Austin before they submit a bid or proposal. Please take the time to read the information in the Conflict of Interest Disclosure:
City of Austin employees may not accept any gifts from vendors. Please do not offer or provide gifts or favors to City employees or to City offices. This includes paying for meals.
On October 2, 1995, a revision to the City's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) / Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Ordinance became effective.
The Ordinance establishes new goals for MBE / WBE / DBE Participation. Bidders are required to document efforts to solicit MBE / WBE / DBEs in the Compliance Plan. The Goals for each project and the instructions and forms for the Compliance Plan are included in the MBE / WBE / DBE Program Packet included in the solicitation. For construction contracts, the MBE / WBE / DBE Program Packet is a separately bound volume of the Project Manual.
On December 6, 2007, Council amended Chapter 2-7, adding Article 6 Anti-Lobbying and Procurement. Please read the new ordinance here.