There will be maintenance conducted on the city perimeter network on 5/16/21 6:00 AM and 5/16/21 10:00 AM. There may be intermittent outages during this time.


Capital Contracting Office

Our vision is to be a valuable Business Partner Capital Project delivery.

Our mission is to procure and manage contracts supporting capital project delivery resulting in an improved quality of life for all.

     •  Improve the quality of life for Austin residents through timely completion of CIP contracts.

     •  Create an environment where people feel connected, empowered, and committed to excellence.

     •  Promote competition for CIP contracts.

     •  Ensure workers on city construction contracts are being paid minimum and prevailing wage.

     •  Provide additional training opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled construction workers in the Austin area.

Learn more about the Capital Contracting Office here.