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DEPARTMENT Austin Public Health
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TOTAL AMOUNT: $173,633,924.65
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1115 Medicaid Waiver $23,403,602.15
ARRA - CSBG $1,129,148.40
ARRA - Tobacco Prevention $5,876,572.63
ARRA Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing $2,877,087.17
Americas Promise Alliance $4,371.15
Animal Services Fund $572,852.71
Community Development Incentives Fund $35,000.00
Community Diabetes Proj-FY08-09 $141,178.61
Community Diabetes Projects $4,557.87
Community Services Block Grant $730,852.09
Community Transformation Grant $1,029,407.82
Dept of State Health Services $148,908.63
Emergency Shelter Grant 2008-10 $3,017,539.92
GCP-Asbsts/Ada/Hlth Cln P04/92 $2,479.00
GCP-Health Misc Projects $4,419,093.19
GCP-Health P17/2012 $5,704,143.86
GCP-Public Safety P7/2006 $11,256,649.65
General Fund $35,644,364.53
General Fund Budget Stabilization Reserve Fund $2,262,607.52
General Fund One-Time Expenditure Fund $2,593,843.47
HHS Travis Co Reimbursed Fund $113,013.06
HIV Prevention $1,082,944.45
HIV Surveillance $15,190.21
HOPWA- HUD 09 $9,775,644.16
Health Miscellaneous $7,200.00
Healthy Adolescent-US HHS $382,676.30
Heart Disease/Value Based $1,963.59
Influenza Incidence Surveillance Project $17,621.57
Natl Assoc County & City Health Officials $47,825.34
One-Time Expenditure Fund $515,928.99
PHEP - Discretionary Fund Projects $116,643.23
Public Health Emergency Preparedness $409,198.15
Public Health Emergency Response $1,085,681.38
Refugee Health Services $3,235,045.06
Regional & Local Services Selection $24,012.94
Ryan White Part A MAI $413,213.37
Ryan White Part A HIV/AIDS $32,850,939.83
Ryan White Part C $6,509,973.13
STD Control $339,175.79
Safe Routes to School Program $831,598.35
TDSHS-Governors Advisory Council on Physical Fitness $49,361.00
TX SHS-TB Prevention & Control $313,885.14
Texas Dept of Housing and Community Affairs $4,663,303.54
Texas Health and Human Services Commission $44,414.35
Title V Obesity Prevention $173,143.93
Title V-CHS Population 08-09 $36,682.40
Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition Program $658,938.44
Tuberculosis Outreach $183,918.76
US Department of Agriculture $188,735.61
US Dept of Homeland Security $101,552.46
US HHS-Immunization Outreach $204,971.61
US Health & Human Services $2,385,667.14
US Housing/Urban Development $276,577.31
Women/Infants/Children $3,532,053.69
Youth of Promise Initiative $2,090,105.50
Zoonosis Control $100,864.50

Austin Public Health Monthly Expenditures

The data contained on this website is for informational purposes only and contains expenditure information for the City of Austin. Certain Austin Energy transactions have been excluded as competitive matters under Texas Government Code Section 552.133 and City Council Resolution 20051201-002; therefore, the line amounts may not reflect the total check amount if certain Austin Energy invoices were included on the check.