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Authority & Expenditure Comparisons

Summary of Authority & Expenditure Dollar Totals

Category Contracts Authority Expenditures
Construction 123 $906,438,037.62 $566,389,143.57
Goods 362 $412,683,683.72 $195,916,257.32
Non-Professional 520 $673,895,471.71 $344,511,913.52
Professional 91 $427,300,894.86 $330,642,109.00
Coop/Interlocal 262 $324,263,641.22 $137,399,077.52
Single/Sole Source 468 $323,309,224.26 $134,724,911.30
Other 281 $262,132,042.20 $187,616,589.08
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