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IFB 6100 CLMC672  


Basic Information
Type: Invitation For Bids (IFB) 
Status: Closed

Solicitation expired on 10/19/2017 at 10:00 AM.  
Solicitation Number: IFB 6100 CLMC672 
Description: Northern Walnut Creek Hike & Bike Trail PH 1A 
Summary: constructing approximately 2,000 linear feet of 10-foot wide concrete trail and 200 linear feet of sidewalk and associated grading, drainage, and sidewalk improvements contained in the project documents.  
Estimated Amount for Solicitation: $507,680.00

Subcontracting Goals

African American 1.59%
Hispanic American 4.81%
Native/Asian American 0.26%
WBE 1.24%

Contact Information

Authorized Contact Names:
Project Related Questions: Clay Harris
(512) 974-7895
Solicitation Specific Questions: Steve Cocke
(512) 974-7998
Small Minority Business Resources Questions: Keisha McCutchin
(512) 974-7738

Dates, Times, & Locations

Due Prior to - (Date/Time/Location):
Due: Prior to 10/19/2017, 10:00 AM
Capital Contracting Office,  505 Barton Springs Road,  Austin, TX  78704
Room/Suite 1045-C
Compliance Plan Due: Prior to 10/19/2017 02:00 PM  Required Required
Capital Contracting Office,  505 Barton Springs Road,  Austin, TX  78704
Room/Suite 1045-C
Open: 10/19/2017, 02:00 PM
Capital Contracting Office,  505 Barton Springs Road,  Austin, TX  78704
Room/Suite 1045-C
Download: Attachments
Solicitation Deposit: Not Required
Payment Methods: Not Applicable
Vendor Meetings/Conference, Site Visits (Date/Time/Location):
Meeting: 10/05/2017, 04:00 PM   Mandatory Mandatory
One Texas Center, 505 Barton springs Road, Austin Texas 78704 , Room/Suite 1070 / West -10A

Special Notes

Special Notes: Insurance is Required. Required
Compliance Plan Required.

Required = Required
Mandatory = Mandatory

Solicitation Number

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IFB 6100 CLMC672  

Packet Download Files


Listed below are the various documents that have been issued as part of this Solicitation. Each document contains specific information about the solicitation. We recommend that you view and/or download each document before preparing your response to the solicitation, and that you use the bid subscription link to record your interest in this solicitation.

Doc File Description Type Date
BID_TAB Certified Bid Tabulations pdf 11/03/2017
00900_1 Addendum 1 pdf 10/11/2017
CLARIFY_1 Clarification Document pdf 10/17/2017
PBA Pre-Bid Attendance List pdf 10/05/2017
BID_DOC_1 CLMC672 Vol. 1 pdf 09/25/2017
MWDBE_PAC_2 MBE/WBE/DBE Procurement Packet Vol. 2 pdf 09/25/2017
PLANS_3 Plans/Drawings Vol. 3 pdf 09/25/2017

Solicitation Number

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IFB 6100 CLMC672  

Associated Commodities

Description Code
Construction, Sidewalk and Driveway (incl Handicapped ramps) 91347

Trade Summary

Description Category Code
Fuel Oil, Diesel Goods 40509
Steel, Reinforcing, Bars And Rods Goods 57076
Steel, Reinforcing, Mesh Goods 57077
Expansion Joint Material: Asphalt, Rubber, Etc. Goods 74549
Joint Sealants: Asphalt, Glass Filament, Imperviou Goods 74556
Borrow And Soil (See Class 790 For Top Soil) Goods 75007
Rip Rap, Concrete Goods 7503542
Ready-Mix Concrete Goods 75070
Sand, Mason Goods 7507770
Sand, Mortar Goods 7507772
Grass Seed Goods 79020
Sod, Grass Goods 79050
Signs, Construction Project Identification Signs ( Goods 80198
Site Work Construction 90976
Handrails, Pipe. This Work Shall Consist Of Furnis Construction 9122343
Headwalls, Concrete, This Work Shall Consist Of Fu Construction 9122345
Excavation, Borrow. Consists Of Excavating, Transp Construction 9124425
Pipe Culverts, Reinforced Concrete (Type 3) Construction 9133930
Sewers, Storm (Type 1) With Fill Height Of 3 Ft. O Construction 9134565
Construction, Sidewalk And Driveway (Incl Handicapped Ramps) Construction 91347
Sidewalk W/Ramps For The Handicapped. Construction 9134769
Base Course, Portland Cement Concrete. Construction 9135025
Embankments, Construction Of. This Work Shall Cons Construction 9135039
Pavement, Portland Cement Concrete. This Work Sha Construction 9135050
Pavement Marking Lines, Letters And Symbols. Construction 9135051
Concrete Construction 91430
Masonry Construction 91455
Photography, Construction Non-professional 9157297
Hauling Services Non-professional 96239
Survey (Not Aerial Or Research Non-professional 96877
Traffic Sign Installation Non-professional 96880
Tree And Shrub Removal Services Non-professional 96888
Storage Space Rental Non-professional 97170
Garbage/Refuse Equipment (Dumpsters, Etc.) Rental Non-professional 97537
Toilets, Portable, Rental Or Lease Non-professional 97773
Erosion Control Services Non-professional 98814
Fence Installation And Repair Non-professional 98815
Hydromulching Services Non-professional 98838
Landscaping (Including Design, Fertilizing, Planting Non-professional 98852

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