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IFB 6100 CLMC690  


Basic Information
Type: Invitation For Bids (IFB) 
Status: Closed

Solicitation expired on 12/14/2017 at 09:00 AM.  
Solicitation Number: IFB 6100 CLMC690 
Description: 2018 Waterline On-Call Services IDIQ 
Summary: This is a one year contract with 2 optional one-year extensions. When this contract expires (after the last extension) a new contract will be executed. Contract will provide a contractor to respond to emergencies related to our waterlines that city crews are unable to respond to. Contractor will also repair or replace water valves, fire hydrants, water meters, as well as assist with our leak detection and condition assessment program, and perform other work associated with our water mains and associated appurtenances that city crews are unable to address. 
Estimated Amount for Solicitation: $2,000,000.00

Subcontracting Goals

African American 1.51%
Hispanic American 4.45%
Native/Asian American 0.41%
WBE 1.00%

Contact Information

Authorized Contact Names:
Project Related Questions: Jeff Kyle
(512) 972-1180
Solicitation Specific Questions: Mary Lou Ochoa
(512) 974-7215
Small Minority Business Resources Questions: Cynthia Van Maanen
(512) 974-7736

Dates, Times, & Locations

Due Prior to - (Date/Time/Location):
Due: Prior to 12/14/2017, 09:00 AM
Capital Contracting Office, 505 Barton Springs Road, Suite 1045-C, Austin, TX 78704
Compliance Plan Due: Prior to 12/14/2017 01:00 PM  Required Required
Capital Contracting Office, 505 Barton Springs Road, Suite 1045-C, Austin, TX 78704
Open: 12/14/2017, 01:00 PM
Capital Contracting Office,  505 Barton Springs Road,  Austin, TX  78704
Download: Attachments
Solicitation Deposit: Not Required
Payment Methods: Not Applicable
Vendor Meetings/Conference, Site Visits (Date/Time/Location):
Meeting: 11/15/2017, 09:00 AM   Mandatory Mandatory
Glen Bell Service Center, 3907 S. Industrial Dr., Room 101, Austin, TX 78744 , Room/Suite Rm 101

Special Notes

Special Notes: Insurance is Required. Required
Compliance Plan Required.

Required = Required
Mandatory = Mandatory

Solicitation Number

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IFB 6100 CLMC690  

Packet Download Files


Listed below are the various documents that have been issued as part of this Solicitation. Each document contains specific information about the solicitation. We recommend that you view and/or download each document before preparing your response to the solicitation, and that you use the bid subscription link to record your interest in this solicitation.

Doc File Description Type Date
BID_TAB Certified Bid Tabulations pdf 12/29/2017
MWBE_1 Volume 3 of 3 MBE/WBE Procurement Program pdf 11/06/2017
PBA Pre-Bid Attendance List pdf 11/15/2017
BID_DOC_1 Volume 1 of 3 Contract Documents and Technical Specs pdf 11/06/2017
PLANS_3 Sample Work Assignments pdf 11/06/2017
TECH_DOC_2 Volume 2 of 3 Technical Specs pdf 11/06/2017

Solicitation Number

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IFB 6100 CLMC690  

Associated Commodities

Description Code
Construction, Water System, Main and Service Line 91360

Trade Summary

Description Category Code
Brick, Common (Roadway, Parks, Etc.) Goods 1350864
Mortar Goods 1351207
Grout Sealer Goods 13538
Curing Mixtures, All Types (For Curing Concrete) Goods 15016
Concrete Strippers And Brick Detergents Goods 19225
Panels, Concrete, Precast Goods 2101354
Concrete Beams, Channels, Roof Decks, Etc., Prestr Goods 21016
Concrete Pilings Goods 21025
Culverts, Concrete Goods 21028
Culvert, Pipe, Reinforced Concrete, Class Iii, In Goods 2102833
Pipe, Culvert Goods 2102856
Culverts, Corrugated Metal Goods 21029
Meter Boxes And Concrete Pull Boxes Goods 21045
Paving And Stepping Blocks Goods 21055
Cable, Street Lighting, Direct Burial Goods 2803065
Cable, Traffic Signal, Direct Bury And Overhead Goods 2803086
High Voltage Cables And Wires (601-15,000v), Solid Goods 28058
Telephone Cables And Wires, Single And Multiconduc Goods 28070
Underground Cables And Wires, Solid And Stranded, Goods 28080
Generators, Stationary Type (Not Automotive) Goods 28539
Pole Line Hardware: Anchors, Arms, Bolts, Braces, Goods 28574
Street Light Poles And Standards Goods 28580
Pole Accessories And Parts, Street Light Goods 2858070
Coatings, Protective (For Masonry Including Concre Goods 31530
Mortars And/Or Grouts Goods 31580
Fencing, Chain Link (Including Fabric, Gates, Pane Goods 33013
Fencing, Temporary (For Construction And Other Ind Goods 33055
Hydrants, Fire (Including Accessories And Parts) Goods 34060
Fuel Oil, Diesel Goods 40509
Barrier, Concrete Goods 5504330
Barricades, Traffic, Portable Goods 5507818
Traffic Signals And Equipment, Electric Systems Goods 55088
Guard Rails And Accessories: Bolts, Posts, Termina Goods 57028
Ornamental Ironwork Goods 57040
Steel, Fabricated: Beams, Gabions, Gratings, Walkw Goods 57068
Steel, Reinforcing, Bars And Rods Goods 57076
Steel, Reinforcing, Mesh Goods 57077
Wire, Reinforcing, Wire Fabric, Welded Steel, For Goods 5707736
Contraction Joint Assembly, Welded, Type U Goods 5707831
Structural Shapes, Steel: Angles, Channels, I-Beam Goods 57084
Grates, Guards, And Other Protective Devices For T Goods 59533
Shrubbery, Evergreen Goods 59565
Pipe, Concrete Goods 65834
Pipe, Concrete, Reinforced Goods 6583430
Pipe, Ductile Iron, Centrifugally Cast, Class 55 W Goods 6584639
Pipe, Pvc (Polyvinyl Chloride) Goods 65860
Irrigation Systems, Supplies, Parts, And Accessori Goods 67017
Septic Tanks And Cesspools (Other Than Concrete) Goods 67060
Aggregate, Precoated Goods 74501
Asphalt, Ac (Asphalt/Cement) Goods 74502
Asphalt, Oil Goods 74512
Expansion Joint Material: Asphalt, Rubber, Etc. Goods 74549
Pads, Bridge Post Goods 7454953
Joint Sealants: Asphalt, Glass Filament, Imperviou Goods 74556
Patching Mix, Asphalt Concrete Goods 74565
Black Base, Rock Asphalt Goods 7457724
Sealant, Asphalt, Crack And Joint Goods 7458073
Slurry Seal Goods 74584
Borrow And Soil (See Class 790 For Top Soil) Goods 75007
Concrete, Precast Goods 75030
Crushed Stone (Includes Riprap) Goods 75035
Rip Rap, Concrete Goods 7503542
Flexible Base Goods 75052
River Rock Goods 7505665
Ready-Mix Concrete Goods 75070
Sand And Gravel Goods 75077
Sand, Concrete Goods 7507763
Sand, Mason Goods 7507770
Sand, Mortar Goods 7507772
Shell Goods 75084
Stabilized Base Goods 75091
White (Hydrated) Lime Goods 75095
Grass Seed Goods 79020
Sod, Grass Goods 79050
Top Soil And Fill Dirt (For Mulch See Class 335) Goods 79070
Signs, Construction Project Identification Signs ( Goods 80198
Manholes, And Manhole Covers, Frames, Grates, Ring Goods 89030
Sewer Lift Stations And Parts Goods 89066
Water Supply, Treatment And Distribution- Architectural Professional 90694
Site Work Construction 90976
Garbage/Trash Removal And Disposal Non-professional 91027
Insulation And Asbestos Installation, Maintenance, Non-professional 91038
Masonry, Concrete, Stucco, Maintenance, Finishing And Repair Non-professional 91051
Septic Tank Maint Repair(Absorption/Leach Field Construction Non-professional 91068
Shoring And Reinforcement Services Non-professional 91071
Construction, (Backfill, Digging, Ditching, Road Grading, Construction 91223
Box Culverts, Concrete. This Work Shall Consist Of Construction 9122319
Cofferdams, Construction Of. Cofferdams Shall Cons Construction 9122322
Fire Hydrants, Moving Existing. All Existing Fire Construction 9122334
Guardrails, Steel Plate Beam. This Work Shall Cons Construction 9122339
Handrails, Pipe. This Work Shall Consist Of Furnis Construction 9122343
Headwalls, Concrete, This Work Shall Consist Of Fu Construction 9122345
Structures, Steel (Furnish, Fabricate, Transport, Erect) Construction 9122376
Construction, Irrigation System Construction 91227
Construction, Power Plant Construction 91230
Construction, Street Lighting Construction 91232
Foundation, Light Pole. This Item Shall Consist Of Construction 9123243
Luminaires, Fluorescent. This Item Shall Consist Of Furnishi Construction 9123247
Poles, Light. This Item Shall Consist Of Furnishin Construction 9123256
Demolition Services Construction 91240
Excavation Services Construction 91244
Excavation, Borrow. Consists Of Excavating, Transp Construction 9124425
Excavation, Rock. Consists Of Boulders 1/2 Cubic Y Construction 9124467
Excavation, Top Soil. This Work Shall Consist Of E Construction 9124482
Management, Construction Construction 91268
Paver Block Installation Construction 91273
Construction, Bridge And Drawbridge (Includes Reconstruction Construction 91313
Approach Slab, Removal And Satisfactory Dispose Of Existing. Construction 9131310
Bridge Deck Concrete Overlay.(Furnish, Transport, And Place) Construction 9131318
Bridge Slabs, Precast Concrete. (Incl Material And Labor) Construction 9131320
Bridges, Temporary (Complete, Incl Removal And Disposal) Construction 9131324
Caps, Panels And Planks - Precast Concrete. Construction 9131327
Caisson Shafts (Furnish, Transport, Place) Construction 9131329
Driving Piles. Construction 9131337
Jacking, Cribbing, And Shoring Existing Deck Beams Construction 9131346
Scarification, Bridge Deck. (Incl Equipment And Labor) Construction 9131373
Construction, Communication Equipment (Incl Antenna Towers) Construction 91316
Construction, Curb And Gutter (Maintenance, Repair, Removal) Construction 91319
Construction, Parking Lot And Alley Construction 91336
Construction, Pipe Culvert Construction 91339
Back Fill, Porous Granular Material For Back Filli Construction 9133917
Back Fill, Sand. (Furnish, Transport, Place Sand In Trenches Construction 9133918
Back Fill, Trench.(Furnish, Transport Fine Aggregate) Construction 9133919
Pipe Culverts, Reinforced Concrete (Type 1) Construction 9133926
Pipe Culverts, Reinforced Concrete (Type 2) Construction 9133928
Pipe Culverts, Reinforced Concrete (Type 3) Construction 9133930
Pipe Culverts, Reinforced Concrete (Type 4) Construction 9133932
Pipe Culverts, Corrugated Steel (Type 2a) Construction 9133942
Construction, Pipeline Construction 91340
Construction, Sewer And Storm Drain Construction 91345
Sewers, Storm (Type 1) With Fill Height Of 3 Ft. O Construction 9134565
Sewers, Storm (Type 2) With Fill Height Greater Than 3 Ft Construction 9134567
Sewers, Storm (Type 4) With Fill Height Greater Than 15 Ft. Construction 9134571
Sewers, Storm (Type 5) With Fill Height Greater Than 20 Ft. Construction 9134573
Sewers, Storm (Type 1) Reinforced Concrete Culvert Construction 9134579
Sewers, Storm (Type 3) Reinforced Concrete Culvert Construction 9134581
Sewers, Storm (Type 4) Reinforced Concrete Culvert Construction 9134582
Sewers, Storm (Type 5) Reinforced Concrete Culvert Construction 9134583
Sewers, Storm (Type 6) Reinforced Concrete Culvert Construction 9134584
Sewers, Storm (Type 7) Reinforced Concrete Culvert Construction 9134585
Sewers, Storm, Reinforced Concrete Elliptical Pipe Construction 9134589
Construction, Sidewalk And Driveway (Incl Handicapped Ramps) Construction 91347
Driveway Pavement, Portland Cement Concrete. Construction 9134735
Sidewalk W/Ramps For The Handicapped. Construction 9134769
Construction, Street (Major And Residential)(Incl Reconstruc Construction 91350
Base Course, Aggregate. Construction 9135020
Base Course, Bituminous. Construction 9135022
Bituminous Surface Removal. Construction 9135023
Base Course, Portland Cement Concrete. Construction 9135025
Embankments, Construction Of. This Work Shall Cons Construction 9135039
Expansion Joints And Tie Anchors. This Item Shall Construction 9135044
Medians, Concrete. This Work Shall Consist Of Cons Construction 9135047
Pavement, Portland Cement Concrete. This Work Sha Construction 9135050
Pavement Marking Lines, Letters And Symbols. Construction 9135051
Seal Coat, Bituminous Hot Mix Sand. This Work Cons Construction 9135068
Scarification, Bituminous Concrete. This Work Shal Construction 9135069
Construction, Tunnel Construction 91355
Construction, Utility/Underground Projects Construction 91356
Construction, Water System, Main And Service Line Construction 91360
Catch Basins, Construction Of. This Work Shall Con Construction 9136031
Inlets, Construction Of. This Work Shall Consist O Construction 9136040
Manholes, Construction Of. This Work Shall Consist Construction 9136048
Meter Vaults, Reconstruction Of. This Work Shall C Construction 9136055
Valve Vaults And Boxes, Reconstruction Of. This Wo Construction 9136087
Maintenance And Repair, Street (Major And Resident Construction 91384
Paving/Resurfacing, Street (Major And Residential) Construction 91396
Crack Control Treatment, Area Reflective. Construction 9139628
Crack Sealing. This Work Shall Consist Of Sealing Construction 9139632
Joint Resealing. This Work Shall Consist Of Reseal Construction 9139647
Sawing Concrete Driveways, Pavement, And Sidewalks Construction 9139671
Concrete Construction 91430
Electrical Construction 91438
Masonry Construction 91455
Metal Work Construction 91458
Painting Construction 91461
Painting Structural Steel And Metal Railings. This Construction 9146154
Plumbing Construction 91468
Structural And Reinforcement Steel Construction 91479
Welding Construction 91485
Photography, Construction Non-professional 9157297
First Aid And Safety Equipment (Except Nuclear And Non-professional 93838
Railroad Construction At Street Intersection (Incl Non-professional 94065
Signal System Installation Non-professional 94075
Dam And Levee Construction, Maintenance And Repair Non-professional 95939
Waterfront Construction Services Including Piers, Non-professional 95990
Cost Estimating Non-professional 96121
Services Not Otherwise Classified Non-professional 96141
Laboratory And Field Testing Services (Not Otherwi Non-professional 96148
Boring, Drilling, Testing And Soundings Non-professional 96216
Boring For Road Crossing Non-professional 9621618
Cable Construction, Installation And Maintenance ( Non-professional 96218
Hauling Services Non-professional 96239
Hauling, Asbestos Non-professional 9623999
Food Distribution Services Non-professional 96240
Transportation Of Goods, Highway, Heavy And Utilit Non-professional 9628696
Well Services (Including Oil, Gas, And Water): Dri Non-professional 96296
Dredging Services Non-professional 96834
Dust Control Watering Non-professional 96836
Graffiti Removal Services Non-professional 96842
Inspection Services, Construction Type Non-professional 96847
Pavement Marking Services (Including Removal Of Ma Non-professional 96861
Sandblasting Services (See 910-83 For Sandblasting Non-professional 96867
Survey (Not Aerial Or Research Non-professional 96877
Telephone (Utility, Light) Pole Installation, And Non-professional 96879
Utility Pole Pulling And Removal Non-professional 9687977
Traffic Sign Installation Non-professional 96880
Traffic Signal Installation Non-professional 96882
Cable, Electric. This Item Shall Consist Of Furnis Non-professional 9688228
Trench And Back Fill For Traffic Signal Assemblies Non-professional 9688283
Traffic Control Device Placement And Removal Service Non-professional 96884
Tree And Shrub Removal Services Non-professional 96888
Well Pointing Services (Dewatering) Non-professional 96893
Water And Wastewater Treatment Services Non-professional 96896
Building, Fabricated, Rental Or Lease Non-professional 97108
Storage Space Rental Non-professional 97170
Crane Rental Or Lease Non-professional 97526
Garbage/Refuse Equipment (Dumpsters, Etc.) Rental Non-professional 97537
Machinery And Heavy Hardware Rental Or Lease Non-professional 97542
Road And Highway Equipment (Not Otherwise) Rental Non-professional 97566
Toilets, Portable, Rental Or Lease Non-professional 97773
Erosion Control Services Non-professional 98814
Fence Installation And Repair Non-professional 98815
Hydromulching Services Non-professional 98838
Landscaping (Including Design, Fertilizing, Planting Non-professional 98852
Landscaping, Tree And Plant Protection During Cons Non-professional 9885299
Litter Removal Services (Including Beach Cleaning) Non-professional 98856
Parking Meters, Sale Of Surplus Non-professional 99877

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