City of Austin - Vendor Connection - Recent Solicitations Recent solicitations by the City of Austin, TX Copyright 2010 - City of Austin, Texas Fri, 24 Nov 2017 14:58:08 GMT en-us (Austin Vendor Connection) RFP 1100 TVN0063 01/11/2018 This solicitation is for the purchase, implementation, and maintenance of a new Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition, and Energy Management System (SCADA/EMS) for the Austin Energy (AE) RFQS 5500 CDL4001 12/21/2017 This Request for Qualifications is to establish a contract for a Colony Park Master Developer. IFB 6100 CLMC688 12/21/2017 Mount the vehicle detection unit (VDU) assemblies, closed-circuit television (CCTV) assemblies, and all the cable and mounting hardware necessary for operation to the signal mast arm or pole as designated in work assignment. RFP 5800 EAD0134 12/21/2017 The City of Austin (City) seeks to contract for a drug and alcohol testing program for non-uniformed City employees operating Commercial Motor vehicles on City business. Services shall be compliant with the Department of Transportation Regulations (DOT) and 49 CRF, parts 40 and 382 issued under the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991. IFB 1100 MEA0008 12/14/2017 Transmission Insulators & Hardware IFB 6100 CLMC620 12/14/2017 Elevator bank addition on Northeast corner of existing parking garage, corner of 2nd St. and San Jacinto. Also minor architectural finishes renovation on parking garage and security improvements at car and pedestrian entrances. IFB 6100 CLMC690 12/14/2017 This is a one year contract with 2 optional one-year extensions. When this contract expires (after the last extension) a new contract will be executed. Contract will provide a contractor to respond to emergencies related to our waterlines that city crews are unable to respond to. Contractor will also repair or replace water valves, fire hydrants, water meters, as well as assist with our leak detection and condition assessment program, and perform other work associated with our water mains and associated appurtenances that city crews are unable to address. IFB 8200 MMO0124 12/14/2017 The City of Austin (City) seeks to establish a Contract with a qualified Vendor (Contractor) with proven experience in full service inspections, testing, maintenance, and repair services of fire alarm and fire suppression systems (Systems). IFB 7500 JRD0038 12/12/2017 This is to establish a contract for Floor Installation and Repair Services to all types of flooring and component surfaces (i.e. tile walls, countertops, etc.). Offers must be submitted in a sealed envelope prior to the close date and time by mail or in person. RFP 1100 RMJ0313 REBID 12/12/2017 Creation of school-based energy conservation program that includes comprehensive classroom curriculum and design/distribution of kits with energy-saving products. IFB 2200 GLB0068 12/07/2017 The City of Austin (City) seeks bids in response to this solicitation to establish a contract with a qualified Vendor (Contractor) who can provide 23% Fluorosilicic Acid. The Fluorosilicic Acid will be used at Austin Water (AW) treatment plants to aid in dental health. CSP 6100 CLMB322A 12/07/2017 The Work of this Contract Includes requirements to achieve LEED CI Sliver certification as administered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Austin's nationally known Green Building Rating System. The Project Site contains an existing production kitchen that Is currently being used for storage and staging, and an adjacent open area currently being used for storage. The facility and site are owned by the City of Austin. The Project Includes modifications to an existing kitchen of approximately 4,020 square feet Into the InVlslon Studios meeting and display space, private dining room, dining space, and preparation kitchen with small warehouse area. An adjacent area of approximately 2,360 square feet will accommodate installation of the specified "flight" type dishwasher system and its associated hood. IFB 2200 ISR0034 12/07/2017 Door replacement and refurbishment IFB 7800 ELL0057 12/05/2017 This is to establish a contract for automotive oil, greases, lubricants, and parts. Offers must be submitted in a sealed envelope prior to the close date and time by mail or in person. IFB 7500 KDS0115 12/05/2017 Painting Services for City buildings and properties. RFQS 5700 SLW0701 12/05/2017 The City seeks firms to act as Bond Counsel to provide legal opinions in matters pertaining to the issuance, sale, and delivery of municipal bonds and other debt instruments authorized by the City. RFQ 9100 MHJ0023 12/01/2017 Bunk Beds and Mattresses RFQ 9100 MHJ0025 12/01/2017 Hemopoint Cuvettes and HemoPoint H2 Meters RFQ 1100 DNJ0901 11/30/2017 Insulator Line Post IFB 6100 CLMC686 11/30/2017 The repair of existing loop detectors by cutting slots with a masonry cutting disc or similar device, placing wires, and filling the slots with loop sealant. Traffic control will be subsidiary to the repair in standard cases. Non-standard traffic control cost is covered under the Allowance. The work may include removing and replacing damaged existing 1 inch conduits from curb or edge of pavement to pull box to restore the wire connection. IFB 6100 CLMC684 11/30/2017 Building interior & exterior renovation to existing occupied single-story Will Hampton Branch Library at Oak Hill. Improvements include minor demolition, roof replacement, new electrical system, replace HVAC controllers, ceiling, walls, floor finishes, toilet accessories, retrofit for ADA compliance IFB 6100 CLMC680 11/30/2017 The Work consists of repair of the pond liners in four (4) water quality ponds. This work includes restoring each pond liner by installing 16 oz/yd2 nonwoven geotextile cushion, a 60-mil thick textured linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembrane, and 12-24 inches of protective cover depending on the pond. Improvements for the Sendera South and Sendera 15-B wet ponds also include outlet structure retrofit, installation of rock riprap apron(s), and wetpond revegetation. The two (2) Circle C retention/irrigation ponds require liner repair only. Additional work for all ponds includes installation of erosion and sedimentation controls and traffic controls as shown in the construction drawings, and other miscellaneous work contained in the contract documents. IFB 6100 CLMC646 11/30/2017 The Work of this Contract comprises the following: remove the primary components of the existing mechanical system, provide new RTU’s on the roof that tie into the existing ductwork system, provide a new mini-split hvac system for service to the data room, provide associated electrical components/connections for service of mechanical equipment, complete reroofing with new metal coping, insulation, and TPO roofing and flashings including coordination with the Owner’s separate contractor for removal of the existing asbestos containing roof, installation of fiberglass panels on structural steel framework to screen RTUs and ducts above roof, installation of a new exterior steel stair structure to access roof, and removal and reinstallation of interior ceilings as necessary to access and tie into existing ductwork. IFB 7800 ELL0058 11/30/2017 This is to establish a contract for parts and repair services for Ford vehicles. Offers must be submitted in a sealed envelope prior to the close date and time by mail or in person. IFB 8700 EAD0260 11/28/2017 Establish the minimum requirements for the supply of Coastal and Alfalfa hay for the APD Mounted Patrol Unit. IFB 2200 ISR0032REBID 11/28/2017 Applied Structural Drying Services RFP 5500 EAL0300 11/28/2017 Seeks proposals in response to this Request for Proposal (RFP) from qualified and experienced individuals, businesses or non-profit organizations to deliver one-on-one coaching and technical assistance to small businesses. 24-month contract with three 12-month extension options. Budget is $90,000 per term.