City of Austin - Vendor Connection - Recent Solicitations Recent solicitations by the City of Austin, TX Copyright 2010 - City of Austin, Texas Tue, 20 Feb 2018 03:33:04 GMT en-us (Austin Vendor Connection) IFB 6100 CLMC699 04/05/2018 This contract is for the rehabilitation using CIPP in wastewater pipelines where the condition merits rehabilitation. This contract will focus on existing pipelines that have been previously identified as candidates for CIPP and in a deteriorated condition requiring rehabilitation to maintain the integrity of the pipeline. Locations will vary throughout the City of Austin. IFB 6100 CLMC695 03/22/2018 Build perimeter wall, install site drainage features, install landscaping, plaza area and external drive, all per plan design IFB 6100 CLMC687 03/22/2018 Construction of approximately 1,590 feet of 18-inch gravity wastewater main from the existing 12-inch gravity wastewater main in Ponca St. southeast to existing manhole MH ID No. 72335. IFB 8100 SLW0121REBID 03/20/2018 Airfield Lighting, Signage, and Fixture Replacement Parts RFP 5800 RWS0504 03/20/2018 Provide the services above to all Covered Persons for the City of Austin. RFP 5800 KDS0505 03/20/2018 Group Pre-Paid Legal Plan RFI 5600 PAX0604 03/15/2018 Information finding for records management system RFP 1100 CAK0024 03/13/2018 The purpose of this contract is to obtain a neutral third-party assessment of the Austin Energy North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection compliance program, related documentation, and evidence of compliance. IFB 2400 JRH0202REBID 03/08/2018 To establish a contract with a qualified vendor (Contractor) to provide 12v Deep Cycle 110 Ah and 75 Ah Type AGM Batteries for traffic signal purposes. IFB 6100 CLMC683 03/08/2018 Demolition and renovation of an existing public swimming pool. The facility will provide the amenities for a City of Austin neighborhood pool, including restroom facilities, a lap pool, activity pool, and deck space. Landscaping improvements, new pool equipment, plumbing and mechanical systems, and additional amenities. IFB 6100 CLMC698 03/08/2018 Incidental traffic signal construction and repair. IFB 6100 CLMC701 03/08/2018 This project rehabilitates approximately 9,000 linear feet of existing wastewater lines in Nueces Street by Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) method, i.e. lining. The project begins at the intersection of W 8th St and ends just short of the intersection of MLK. IFB 6100 CLMC696 03/08/2018 The Work of this Contract comprises the construction of drainage infrastructure at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) to reduce the risk of flood inundation to the TRACON building. Drainage improvements to include: installation of two (2) new grate inlets within the TRACON parking lot; installation of one (1) new area inlet and diversion berm located just outside the TRACON security fence; installation of approximately 1,800 linear feet of 66” Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP); installation of approximately 570 linear feet of Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) liner on existing 60” RCP and 5’x4’ Reinforced Concrete Arch Pipe; and jacking and boring of approximately 100 linear feet of 66” RCP. A portion of the work to be located within the TRACON FAA and Air Operation Area (AOA) security fences. RFQS 4600 EAD0302 03/08/2018 The City of Austin (“City”) is seeking qualifications from collection agencies, bureaus, or other firms qualified and experienced in collecting delinquent Municipal Court (“Court”) case balances to supplement the City of Austin Municipal Court’s Collection Improvement Program. IFB 7800 MMO0127 03/08/2018 Establish a contract for OEM parts and repair services for Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) vehicles and vehicle components. IFB 6400 PAX0071 03/08/2018 Frequency Coordination Services RFP 1500 SLW0524 03/06/2018 The City wishes to establish a contract with contractors qualified to pick up, transport, and recycle computers, monitors, televisions, and other devices that operate using electrical parts in accordance with the e-Stewards standard. RFP 1100 SMB0108 03/06/2018 The consultant will work with Austin Energy to develop the operating expense budget and five year spending plan for the capital budget using a Zero Based Budget approach with specified Austin Energy departments. The consultant will also provide budget recommendations based on comparable benchmark data. IFB 6100 CLMC640A 03/01/2018 The Work of this Contract includes requirements to achieve LEED Silver certification. It also includes the interior renovation of select spaces within the Dove Springs Recreation Center Building. The existing kitchen will be expanded and outfitted with new kitchen equipment and cabinets. The existing television room will be renovated for use as a study area. The existing staff office area will be renovated for more efficient function. The existing meeting and multipurpose rooms will be renovated with new finishes. A new, free-standing addition building will be added to the existing recreation center building, to provide a fitness classroom space, and associated support spaces. A new covered porch area is included in the addition. Associated changes to the existing landscape, site utilities and parking lot are also included. RFQS 6100 CLMA026 03/01/2018 The Work consists of providing a 3,000 ton modular chilled water plant and cooling towers located at the ACC on the lower roof adjacent to the loading areas on the east side of the facility. The plant shall be connected to the existing chilled water distribution system located under Red River Street. The need date is now as early as it can be constructed, preferable by the end of April 2019. The plant shall be built in a factory environment and consist of a modular building capable of housing the two chillers, three condenser pumps, three variable primary pumps, chilled water side stream filter/pump, piping, controls, and electrical switchboard and distribution. The plant shall have also be provided with stub outs for connection to the existing chilled water distribution system located under Red River Street, cooling towers, makeup water and electrical. Three cooling towers located adjacent to the modular building shall be provided. Each cooling tower shall be provided with a basin sweeper system with pump. IFB 2200 ISR0037 03/01/2018 Diving Services to Inspect and Maintain Raw Water Intake and Screens RFQS 6100 CLMP243 03/01/2018 The objective of this project is to provide design, programming and configuration services required for the upgrade of two unserviceable centrifuge at Ullrich water treatment plant. The two units have been broken for several years and considered ineffective to meet the useful needs of the plant. The replacement of the two Centrifuge units and associated control instrument will enable the plant to effectively process sludge waste out of the plant and provide the citizens of the City of Austin with sustainable and reliable potable water. Implementation phase of the project is expected to include a Preliminary Engineering effort to assess the state of the existing units and document finding in a Preliminary Engineering Technical Memorandum. The City of Austin, referred to as the City, is seeking Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from qualified firms interested in providing the engineering services relative to the ULLRICH WATER TREATMENT PLANT (WTP) Centrifuges and associated control instrument refurbishment rehabilitation/improvements project to determine and carry out recommended modifications and/or improvements required to ensure the long-term efficiency, operability, maintainability and reliability of the plant Sludge centrifuging operation. RFP 8700 EAD0135 02/27/2018 APD is seeking to enter into a contract for cleaning, lead abatement, and metal recycling program at the APD firing range. IFB 6100 CLMC682 02/26/2018 Work consists of site work, building construction, equipment procurement & installation, permitting, etc., for a new 10000 ton district cooling plant including industrial chillers, cooling tower cells, pumps, piping, PLC controls, medium and low voltage electrical, HVAC and other associated infrastructure and appurtenances. The site work includes the construction of a retaining wall along the adjacent Union Pacific Railroad Right-of-Way. RFQ 7800 SLW0613 02/23/2018 The City is seeking Contractors to provide recycling of scrap tires and rubber including removal, diversion, and disposal services. RFQ 1100 DNJ0916 02/22/2018 Transformer IFB 1100 DNJ0152 02/22/2018 Fiberglass poles for warehouse per AE spec E-1710 IFB 1100 DNJ0151 02/22/2018 Circuit Breakers RFQ 1100 DNJ0915 02/22/2018 connector IFB 2200 GLB0069 02/22/2018 The City of Austin (City) seeks bids in response to this solicitation to establish a contract with a qualified Vendor (Contractor) for masonry, gravel and concrete supplies. The masonry, gravel and concrete supplies shall be utilized for support of manholes, concrete risers and support foundation during repairs made by the City. IFB 7800 ELL0063 02/22/2018 Parts and repairs for Bobcat construction equipment RFP 1100 SMB0110 02/22/2018 Train-the-trainer on soft skills development with an emphasis on tone and empathy. For Austin Energy's call center staff. CSP 6100 CLMB327A 02/21/2018 The work consists of an existing recreation and community care center that will be demolished to make room for the new 33,141sq. ft. facility. The project to build this new recreation and community center is pursuing LEED 2009 NC Silver certification. Other work includes cast-in place concrete, concrete tilt-up walls, structural steel framing, cold-formed metal framing, metal stairs, membrane roofing, insulation, metal wall panels, aluminum framed entrances and storefront, wood doors and frames, overhead coiling doors, door hardware, gypsum board, acoustical panel ceilings, painting, signage, millwork, fire protection specialties, food service equipment, commercial plumbing fixtures, HVAC equipment and ducting, commercial kitchen hoods, electrical interior and exterior lighting, asphalt paving and concrete flat work. RFQ 8600 CRR0003 02/20/2018 To provide corrosion protection to materials made of steel that are used for sign posts, fences, handrails, and other items, the City of Austin's (City) Parks and Recreation Department(PARD) seeks proposals providing hot dip galvanizing services. IFB 8100 SLW0123 02/20/2018 Maintenance and Repair Services for Grease Trap, Trash Compactor, and Wash Rack System IFB 1500 SLW0124 02/20/2018 The City of Austin seeks qualified Contractor(s) experienced in the purchase and safe, cost-effective recycling of carts, cart lids, and cart wheels (“Carts”) used by the City in its curbside trash, recycling and composting collection service. The Contractor will be required to purchase and transport Carts that the City deems no longer usable. The Carts purchased from the City under the contract shall be recycled and shall not be landfilled.