The Montopolis Recreation + Community Center jointly replaces two aging facilities and is co-operated by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department and Austin Public Health Department. This building provides over 33,000 square feet of new space, including a commercial kitchen, gymnasium, fitness room, computer lab, conference rooms and educational programming areas. The building’s design seeks to support the initiatives of each partnering department by fostering mental and physical well-being through community recreation and the pursuit of healthy lifestyles.

Project Update

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Watch a video showcasing the completion of the new building and featuring interviews with staff, City officials, and community members.

Construction for the Montopolis Recreation and Community Center began Sept. 5, 2018. On August 17, 2019, at 4:00 p.m., the former Montopolis Recreation Center closed its doors allowing construction to begin for the new recreation and community center.

Construction of the new Montopolis Recreation and Community Center completed in September 2020. For the health and safety of the community, the new building is not yet open to the public. 

Community members can stay up-to-date by visiting the Montopolis Recreation Center website or by signing up for the Montopolis Community Recreation Newsletter.

Rainwater retention pond

Main reception desk

Running track on second floor above the gymnasium/basketball court

Community multipurpose activity room with ballet mirrors & bars

Community Engagement

Community Meet and Greet

September 8, 2016 at 1200 Montopolis Drive  

Community Visioning Workshops 

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department and the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department hosted two Community Visioning Workshops for the new Montopolis Recreation and Community Center Project. The two events were an opportunity for residents to collaborate with neighbors on the planning of access to the new facility, how it connects to the community, and how the building and its amenities fit on the site. The events were family-friendly and all were welcome to attend.

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Floor Plan Design Review

Final Design Presentation

A final design was presented at the Cinco de Mayo Event at Montopolis Recreation Center on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.


The former Montopolis Recreation Center was originally owned by Dolores Catholic Church. In 1971, the City of Austin entered into an agreement to operate the building as an extension of PARD services. In 1973, PARD purchased the building and the surrounding land. In 1974, a deed was executed by the City to dedicate 2.55 acres of land for community use. The Montopolis Recreation Center has served the community for over four decades. The prior facility was in poor condition and could no longer meet the needs of a growing and vibrant community.

The Montopolis Recreation and Community Center Project was approved by Austin voters in the November 2012 bond election. This facility is aligned with Imagine Austin priorities as well as policy recommendations from the Bond Election Advisory Task Force (BEATF) provided to City Council. The program for the new facility was developed with extensive public input from the Montopolis community beginning in 2014. Upon completion, the Montopolis Recreation and Community Center will be a jointly-operated facility between the Parks and Recreation Department and Austin Public Health.


Paul Mendoza, Project Manager

Public Works, City of Austin

512-974-1272  email

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