View recent and featured demographics presentations. These select presentations tell the demographic story about the City of Austin be it where we've been, where we are, or where we're headed.

Recent Presentations and Videos

Featured Presentations

Census 2020: Expectations and Challenges for Central Texas (PDF)

Slide that reads "Census 2020: Expectations and Challenges"

In this presentation, City Demographer Ryan Robinson presents dynamic demographic trends and the political and social impact the 2020 Census might have on Central Texas. Watch the video recording of this presentation here.


Austin Today (PDF) - This presentation covers moments that shaped Austin, current demographics of the city today, and emerging trends such as suburbanization and segregation.

Slide that reads "Austin Today: A Growing City"


Emerging Patterns of Regional Population Growth (PDF)

Slide that reads "Emerging Patterns of Regional Population Growth"


Selected Demographic Themes: Population and Job Growth, Households, and Housing Trends (PDF)

Slide that reads "Selected Demographic Themes"


Planning for Census 2020 (PDF)

Slide that reads "Planning for 2020 Census"