1. Applicants must be City of Austin (COA) Austin Resource Recovery customers who pay the Clean Community fee on their utility bills.
  2. The applicant must agree to all of these terms and conditions, which includes completing a Home Composting or Chicken Keeping class coordinated by COA Austin Resource Recovery. Applicants that attend a Home Composting class either in person or online are eligible for a rebate for a composter or composting accessories. Home composting accessories may include, but are not limited to, kitchen compost collectors, compost thermometers, and compost aerators. Applicants that attend the chicken keeping class are eligible for a chicken coop rebate.
  3. The applicant must complete the form online or mail a completed application form and relevant receipts from purchases. The form and receipts can be mailed to:
    ATTN: Composting Rebate Program, City of Austin-Austin Resource Recovery
    PO Box 1088
    Austin, TX 78767

  4. This rebate program applies to composter purchases made after April 22, 2010 and chicken coop purchases made after April 15, 2017. The applicant must submit a copy of an original receipt or invoice from a retailer or licensed and registered vendor dated within one (1) year of application submission.
  5. This rebate program does not rebate taxes or delivery charges.
  6. Only one (1) rebate per eligible utility account number. Rebate may be for either a home composter/composting accessories OR for a chicken coop. The chicken coop rebate is not available to reimburse an applicant for the purchase of chickens or chicken-keeping expenditures other than a coop. The applicant acknowledges that the City determines, at its discretion, whether applicant’s purchases are eligible for the rebate.
  7. Unless the applicant requests otherwise, rebate checks will be issued in the account holder’s name and mailed to the account holder’s address.
  8. The maximum value of the rebate is $75 and only applies to home composters, home composting accessories, or chicken coops.
  9. Homemade composters or chicken coops DO NOT qualify.
  10. Funding is limited and rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  11. City staff will conduct research related to the home composting products and chicken coops purchased, including how the products and coops are being used. A rebate recipient must cooperate with City staff conducting the research.
  12. If a rebate recipient fails to comply with these terms and conditions, the rebate recipient must repay any rebate provided.