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The original Revitalization Team included five members with the mission of ensuring that Rundberg crime solutions would include community engagement and the connections necessary to lead the area towards successful long-term revitalization.

Following a series of meetings with community leaders and engagement experts from December 2012, the following improvements were completed:

  • The revitalization target area was expanded to encompass the entire area covered by the three City Council-adopted plans
  • A draft community-driven revitalization structure was created
  • The Rundberg Revitalization Team membership was increased, from 5 to 14 members

The Workgroups of volunteers are composed of members and affiliates of the Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team: community members, stakeholder groups, and subject matter experts – all with varying levels of responsibility. The work of the Workgroups may include the following functions:

  • Assist the Team with documenting all known revitalization projects, conducting research to identify unknown efforts, and identifying any overlap
  • Engage individuals/entities involved with existing revitalization projects
  • Determine where those in control stand on Rundberg crime and social issues, identify stakeholders, and determine the best means to recruit each
  • Identify the knowledge and skills needed to complete program activities, identify partners’ knowledge and skills, identify gaps and provide corresponding training and technical assistance, and ensure that facilitation skills are present
  • Pool language resources among project partners
  • Identify, engage and train bilingual team members
  • Provide ongoing and varied opportunities for community engagement
  • Ensure that community members are ready to respond to a changing environment
  • Train workgroup members to properly leverage resources and funding

Also in this Teams section of the website, on top of the main Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team page: information on the City of Austin project staff, Research Team, and the roles of the different stakeholders.