Becoming a TAKE10 Trainer is simple.

We teach you and others at your workplace or school to be TAKE10 Trainers. When you want to give a class, we loan the training equipment, all together in boxes called kits, at no charge.

TAKE10 is simple and focuses on building confidence; we don’t make it complicated to teach because complicated instructions are one of the barriers to CPR we want to overcome.  

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Learn How to Teach TAKE10

Contact us and we’ll arrange a date and time to travel to your workplace or school in the Austin area. We come to you!

The TAKE10 Trainer Class is free and will take about 1½ hours to complete.

Trainers Learn

  • TAKE10 CPR

  • How to teach TAKE10

  • How to get all the TAKE10 resources and information you need for your training


  1. Help others learn to save a life
  2. Improve your community's cardiac survival rate
  3. Give back to the community
  4. Create awareness about how to help someone whose heart suddenly stops beating

A student from St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin leading a TAKE10 Compression Only CPR class in the school gymA student leading a TAKE10 Compression Only CPR class in the gym at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin

These pictures show students giving the TAKE10 Compression Only CPR class to fellow students at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin.

Schedule a Trainer class by contacting us:

TAKE10 CPR Program


Bystander CPR can double or triple the chances of survival!

TAKE10 Program Permission Information
Anyone wishing to use the program and these materials within their own organization or community is authorized to do so provided credit is given to TAKE10 as the program creator and no payment is required of learners or trainers for this program. Payment for any part of the TAKE10 training program is not authorized by TAKE10. Use of the TAKE10 name and logo requires the permission of the TAKE10 manager.