The Texas Legislature authorized municipalities the use of these alternate contracting methods for a variety of construction projects. Contract award is based on proposals which offer the “Best Value” to the City of Austin. Best Value is determined by scored and ranked weighted criteria published in the solicitation.

About Construction Manager at Risk (CMR)

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  • Construction Manager (CM) is on board during design phase to collaborate on constructability, cost estimating and schedule
  • CM is a skilled advocate for the owner selected by best value
  • CM is responsible for construction holds the risk for cost overruns minimizing need for change orders
  • City reviews CM’s processes and cost using “Open Book Method” (cost of work, overhead, markups and contingencies)
  • Used for larger complex project with time sensitive schedules
  • Two-step selection process
  • Contract allows for project phasing and guaranteed maximum price for construction
  • Supports long lead time ordering, manufacturing and delivery considerations for specialized materials and equipment
  • Allows for early site and construction packaging
  • Fast transition from design documents to construction

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Examples of CMR City Projects:


About Design Build (DB)

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  • Design Builder is a single firm responsible for the performance of both design and construction services, cost control and schedule
  • Turnkey approach
  • Advisor to the owner selected by best value
  • Budget defined early becoming agreement for the project
  • Construction starts before design is complete
  • Used for time sensitive projects reducing bid time, project scheduling
  • Development of a Design Criteria Manual used in solicitation
  • Nine month solicitation, selection and contract negotiation
  • Contract components include preliminary design, design, general conditions, guaranteed maximum price for construction
  • Removes ambiguity that can arise in material and construction specifications
  • Highly adaptive and responsive for changes in the field minimizing need for change orders

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Examples of DB City Projects: