Internships, Ride Outs, and Volunteers
The Forensic Science Bureau participates in several programs that give the public an opportunity to experience a career in the forensic sciences.


Internship Program
Internship applications are taken throughout the year for all semesters. However, applicants must complete the application process and submit prior to the deadline established for each semester. The applications will be reviewed for meeting the requirements of the program. The number of internships are very limited, but the Bureau will then try to place the intern in their area of interest, depending on availability within that section. Internships are offered in every discipline of the laboratory, with the exception of DNA.

Please refer to the Internship Guidelines for program requirements.

For more information on this program please contact the Forensic Internship Program Coordinator.


Crime Scene Ride Out Program
The Bureau offers the opportunity for citizens to ride with a Crime Scene Unit. This program is very effective for those interested in a career in crime scene and wishes to experience what this career entails, or for a citizen just interested in what the job is all about. Interested parties will have to complete and submit the required ride out form. Once the application is approved, a Crime Scene Section Supervisor will contact you to make arrangements for the ride out. Those interested must be available to ride for an entire shift.

For more information on this program please contact the Forensic Internship Program Coordinator


Volunteer Program
Volunteer opportunities are also available within the Bureau. Tasks assigned could be office related duties as well as work within a laboratory depending on the need and availability. Prospective volunteers must complete the APD volunteer documentation and first be approved as a Departmental volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are dependent on the needs of the Bureau.

For additional information on volunteering please contact the APD Volunteer Coordinator.