General Information

At the 3rd public workshop on February 25, 2013 a preliminary design concept was presented to explore a wide variety of options for the 90+ acres of parkland associated with the master plan project.  They include a quiet, natural setting focused on enhancing lakefront beauty, to a diverse park experience that could offer added or enhanced amenities for play, fitness, fishing, swimming, kayak/canoeing, art, museum, a destination for small events and new trails and roads for better connectivity for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.

The Concept

The concept was designed to explore how best to preserve and nurture a natural setting, serve area residents, enhance the user experience, and meet the goals of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department and City of Austin, such as improving neighborhood compatibility, accessibility and connectivity, providing a diversity of recreational opportunities, including innovative and sustainable infrastructure, improving water quality and meeting carbon-neutral goals.

The concept is intended to be discussed in segments that represent areas of improved park amenities, centers for park activity, improved connectivity for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles, lakefront access and experience, and environmental/water quality.

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Preliminary Concept Plan - DRAFT

Preliminary Concept Plan - Presentation

Exhibit of Preliminary Concepts

Exhibits of the concept plan will be on display at the following locations:

- Metz Recreation Center: March 1-17, April 1-7

- Camacho Recreation Center: March 18-31, April 8-14

- Cepeda Library: March 18-24, April 1-7

- Terrazas Library: March 1-17

- City Hall: March 25-31, April 8-14