Vertical banners are installed on streetlight lampposts, in defined districts Downtown and around Austin. Lamppost banners make a big visual impact, creating a buzz around Downtown and in business districts where thousands of people see them each day.

Example: Lamppost banners on South First Street Bridge

Standard Fee:  $200/pole week 1, $100/pole week 2+


Lamppost banners are installed on pre-approved Austin Energy streetlight poles, in districts shown on our pdf map set. Scroll down in the PDF to view individual district maps. Scroll down the page for an interactive web map or click here.

Application Materials:

Application Process

1. Read through the Application Materials.

2. Select your banner district(s) and sub-district(s). Refer to Location Maps. Lamppost banner reservations require a minimum of 4 banners.

3. Submit your application and payment a minimum of 30 days prior to installation. Applications may be emailed or mailed along with payment. Payment can be made online through the City’s permitting page. Reservations are finalized upon submission of application and payment.

DROP OFF PAYMENT                                       MAILING PAYMENT
1501 Toomey Road                                         City of Austin, Transportation Department
Austin, TX 78704                                              Attn: Street Banner Payment
Hours of Operation: 8 am - 4 pm                  PO Box 1088
                                                                             Austin, TX 78767

4. Design your banner and follow the design requirements before submitting for review and approval. All banner designs and content must be submitted for approval at least 30 days in advance of the installation date. Contact us for design approval.

You may reuse banners from previous years if they meet the current specifications and are in good condition. City staff inspects banners prior to installation; we have seen problems with moldy, decayed, and damaged banners.

5. Fabricate your banner. See Vendor List of local companies experienced in fabricating banners to City of Austin specification. Banners not meeting the required specifications will not be installed!

6. Drop off your banners no later than 7 business days prior to installation. Banners not dropped off within 7 business days will not be installed!

7. Pick up your banners within 7 days of take-down date. Banners not picked up within 10 business days will be recycled or donated to organizations who repurpose or “upcycle” banners into products for re-use and/or re-sale (e.g. bags, landscaping material, etc.).

             8900 Cameron Road, Suite 300
             Austin, TX, 78710
             Hours of Operation: 8 am - 3 pm

Location Map

Pan around or zoom in and out to navigate the map of banner districts. Click on objects on the map to get more information.  Click on "Legend" (top left) to view the legend for the map.  This map is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without warning.

The map displays lamppost banner locations, geographic districts, sub districts and banner poles.




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