In The Loop highlights some of the City's ethics policies that are not covered in the annual mandatory training module.

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Series 7: Confidentiality (March 2013)

This month highlights the topic of confidentiality.  Click on the link, then use the arrow buttons to advance through the scenario.


Series 6: Open Questions (February 2013)


Series 5: Know Your Policies (January 2013)


Series 4:  Gifts  (December 2012)


Special thanks to the actors (in order of appearance)

Narrator_____________Jason Hill
Bob____________ Leslie Hethcox
Jason_____________ Ben Leffler
Janet______________Sarah Chen
Supervisor________Carla Johnson


Series 3:  Abuse of Power/Misuse of Confidential Information (October 2012)


Special thanks for the actors (in order of appearance)

Narrator______________Jason Hill
Andy____________Edgar Hinojosa
Supervisor________Carla Johnson
Carl_______________Jose Vargas
Janice_____________Reyna Ruiz
Tony__________Guillermo Mireles
Bob_____________Leslie Hethcox


Series 2:  Combined Charities Campaign (September 2012)


Series 1: ProCard Fraud (August 2012)


Special thanks to the actors (in order of appearance)

Narrator______________Jason Hill
Anita_____________Jo-Ann Cowan
Scott______________David Paine
Bob_____________Leslie Hethcox
Debbie__________Sydney Byram
Supervisor________Carla Johnson


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is In The Loop?

In The Loop is a training series that highlights some of the City's ethics policies that are not covered in the annual mandatory training module.  We hope you'll find them informative, and even a little entertaining.

Q: Who are the actors?

All the actors are City of Austin employees.  Click here to see a list of actors and the roles they played.

Q: Does In the Loop replace annual ethics training?

No. All employees are still required to complete annual ethics training.

Q: Is it mandatory for employees to view the In The Loop videos?

No. Employees are not required to watch the In The Loop videos.

Q: How many In The Loop videos do you plan to produce and how often will they be released?

Three In The Loop series have been created and will be released periodically between August and December 2012.

Q: I have experienced or witnessed some of the issues depicted in In the Loop.  What should I do about it?

The best option in most cases is to talk with your supervisor, manager, or someone else in your department's chain of command.  If you aren't comfortable with this option, contact Human Resources or the 24-hour anonymous hotline (512-974-2798).



Suggestions or comments for future In the Loop topics ?

Click here to send an email to the Ethics & Compliance Team.