Title 9, Chapter 9-2 of Austin’s Code of Ordinances regulates noise and amplified sound including the Outdoor Music Venue permit criteria, requirements and enforcement. The Development Services Department’s Environmental Inspection Division-Sound Enforcement Program has the primary responsibility for enforcement of OMV permits. 

All Outdoor Music Venues (OMV) must be permitted and maintain an active OMV permit with the City of Austin which is renewed annually. Permits are issued through the Development Services Department's Entertainment Services Group

Enforcement Activities 

The Sound Enforcement activities: 

  • Respond to complaints to determine if a violation has occurred, provide education, seek voluntary compliance, and take enforcement action as needed, if compliance is not achieved; 
  • Conduct routine inspections of commercial OMV;
  • Issue warnings to gain compliance; or 
  • Issue a  citations to the business owner or manager on-site; and / or 
    • File an affidavit on the business owner of record in municipal court; and may in addition.


Penalties and enforcement actions that may be taken under Title 9, Chapter 9-2, may include Suspension and Revocation of OMV Permit and may be chargeable as a Class C misdemeanor by a fine not to exceed $500 upon conviction. Violations resulting in Enforcement action include:  

  • No OMV Permit or an expired OMV Permit
  • Sound exceeding permitted limits when measured with approved sound meter by trained personnel
  • Amplified sound played past cut-off times (a warning is not required for this violation)
  • Any unapproved modifications to a Venues Sound Impact Plan (SIP) approved as part of the permitting process

For repeat and chronic violations of OMV permits administrative actions may be taken, including Suspension and Revocation of OMV Permits.

For additional information about penalties and enforcement action see Code of Ordinance, Title 9, Chapter 9-2, or contact the City of Austin Sound Enforcement Program at or 512-974-2278.