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Variances, Waivers, and Discretionary Approvals That Require a Project Assessment

The following items require a Project Assessment before the formal submittal of a plan/plat application.

  • Regional Stormwater Management Program participation;
  • Alternative Equivalent Compliance for Water Quality;
  • SOS limited adjustments;
  • Redevelopment exceptions;
  • Floodplain
    • Floodplain Variance (Council approval required)
  • Delineation of Floodplain –if the application is proposing an independent study or not using the City delineation
  • Modification of adopted City of Austin Floodplain Hydraulic Model
  • Conditional Letter of Map Revisions
  • Letter of Map Revisions
  • Variances from Land Development Code requirements
    • EV, SOS Amendment
    • Subdivision
    • Transportation
    • Heritage Tree
    • Any Utility Codes that allow formal variances
  • Waivers and administrative variances from criteria, discretionary
    • Drainage Criteria Manual
    • Transportation Criteria Manual
    • Environmental Criteria Manual
    • Protected Tree
    • Fire – Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) tied to subdivision layout and right-of-way (ROW) widths, not limited to just small lots
    • Utility Criteria Manual
  • Non-standard legal documents
  • Real estate applications
    • Easement and ROW Vacation (Application prior to submittal of PA or concurrent?)
    • Encroachment Agreement (Council approval before formal submittal)
    • License Agreement (Administrative approval)
  • Parkland - Determination or verification of parkland dedication requirements
  • Parkland – Chapter 26 – Approved prior to filing of a Preliminary or Final Plat?
  • Cottage, Urban or Small lots in city limits that require an AMOC for Fire Department approval
  • Plat vacations
  • Non-standard Retaining Walls for a subdivision Construction Plan – Distribute to Public Works Department (PWD) and Quality and Standards Management Division (QSMD)

Project Assessment Application

The Subdivision Project Assessment has been created to provide for a high-level evaluation of the potential code compliance of a future subdivision application. In addition to providing an explanation of the procedures and requirements for subdivision, a Project Assessment will evaluate potential major issues for the project, including whether:

  • the proposed land use conforms to the Comprehensive Plan and current zoning;
  • proposed arterials, if any, comply with the Transportation Plan;
  • proposed collector streets, if any, are adequate for the projected traffic;
  • the proposed design creates significant environmental issues;
  • there is an official floodplain map delineated;
  • adequate utilities for the proposed development are available; and
  • the proposed density is:
    1. consistent with the requirements of the title;
    2. appropriate, considering the surrounding land use or 30 zoning; and
    3. consistent with watershed requirements.

The completion of a Project Assessment will be a prerequisite requirement for all subdivisions that propose a variance or waiver from adopted code or criteria or a discretionary approval of an alternative compliance measure.

Staff will evaluate and asses variance requests submitted with the Project Assessment Application. The evaluation will result in staff or board of commission recommendations on the variance, depending on the type of application.

If the formal application is submitted within 180 days of the staff’s recommendation on the variance, the variance recommendation will apply to the formal application.