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Key project implementation personnel at the University of Texas at Austin include:

  • Dr. David Springer, Principal Investigator and Professor,
  • Dr. Michael Lauderdale, Professor,
  • Dr. Cal Streeter, Professor,
  • Dr. Yessenia Castro, Assistant Professor,
  • Dr. Noel Landuyt, Research Associate,
  • and Dr. Ahmed Whitt, Assistant Professor.

Dr. Paula Yuma, Assistant Professor at Colorado State University is also part of the Restore Rundberg Research Team.

Learn more about the Restore Rundberg Research Team's work on the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service and UT School of Social work's websites and in the Research Reports section of this website.

Also in this Teams section of the website, on top  the Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team page and background information on the formation of the Revitalization Team: information on the City of Austin project staff, the Research Team, and the roles of the different stakeholders.