Achieving Zero Waste requires new thinking about the way we buy, use and dispose of everyday items. Here are some simple tips for incorporating reuse into your daily life:

Buy Used or Fix What You Have

Find help at the Shop Zero Waste directory. This is a list of locally-owned businesses that offer repair or rental services or sell recycled, upcycled or reused products. Use the Repair Education resources at the bottom of this page to learn how to Do It Yourself (DIY).

Bring Your Own Mug

Americans throw away an estimated 1 million tons of plastic plates and cups every year! Most of these discarded items are made from polystyrene foam, which remains in landfills for hundreds of years. You can help reduce those numbers by bringing your own reusable mug or bottle the next time you visit a coffee shop or need to refill with water or other beverages.

Reduce Food Waste & Hunger

If you have extra food in your pantry or after an event, get in touch with a local group like Keep Austin Fed or the Capital Area Food Bank. They can help rescue food and redistribute it to those in need.

Choose Reusable Over Disposable

Buy items that can be used more than once such as cloth napkins, food storage containers, razors with replaceable blades and rechargeable batteries.

Sharing is Caring

The sharing economy puts idle resources to work. For help finding local rental or other sharing economy services, make sure to look for local Shop Zero Waste [re]Share businesses on


Find New Homes for Unwanted Items

Find out where to donate and resell unwanted or reusable items using the Austin Reuse Directory instead of recycling or throwing them in the landfill.


Recycle and Reuse Enterprise Resource Guide

Download here!

Repair Education Resources: