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Austin Police Department

The role of the Austin Police Department is to implement new, innovative crime solutions in coordination with social services programming to increase public safety for a safer Rundberg community. APD is also responsible for serving as stewards of this Department of Justice grant.

Revitalization Team

The Restore Rundberg Revitalization Team acts in an advisory capacity for the City of Austin project staff, with monthly Team meetings providing regular forums for community discussion. In addition, the Team guides Restore Rundberg revitalization efforts for the years to come. Learn more on the Revitalization Team page, including how you can join the Team.

City of Austin

The role of the City of Austin is to convene community members and stakeholders to achieve a shared purpose and mission. We also hope to leverage the people and places in Rundberg to highlight the community’s strengths.

The role of City departments like Austin Code, Fire, Public Works, and Neighborhood Housing & Community Development is to provide expertise, information, and guidance as needed and to collaborate in the formation and implementation of solutions to area challenges.

University of Texas

The role of the University is to complete criminal justice related assessment, evaluation and research projects that will advance public safety and inform the public engagement process. Visit the project page on the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work website.


People living and working in the area are the ultimate experts on the challenges and opportunities present here. Community members are invited to attend all public meetings and serve on the Revitalization Team’s workgroups.

For more information on how you can be a part of the project, visit the Get Involved page.

Also in this Teams section of the website: information on the Revitalization Team, as well as background information on it, and information on the City of Austin project staff and Research Team.