Imagine Austin Priority Program 8: 

Revise Austin’s Development Regulations and Processes to Promote a Compact and Connected City


Imagine Austin directs us to revise the Land Development Code, which determines how land can be used throughout the city – including what can be built, where it can be built, and how much can (and cannot) be built. The City’s Land Development Code needs to be changed to help us create the kinds of places we want, and to address critical issues such as diminishing natural resources, household affordability, and access to healthy lifestyles – to name a few.  This priority program aims to revise Austin's development regulations and processes to promote a compact and connected city as well as to better align with Imagine Austin.

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Progress at Year 5

To read more about this priority program's work over the past five years, check out the Imagine Austin Year 5 Progress


Imagine Austin Indicators: