TAKE10 Kits

TAKE10 kits are available to TAKE10 Trainers to borrow like a library book loan.

Contact us by email or phone and provide: your name; phone number; and date of potential training.

We will coordinate a date and time for you to pick up one or more kits, or we may be able to meet you. We will also need a planned return date.

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This picture shows a view of inside the TAKE10 kit with knee pads, manikins, disinfecting wipes and Trainer Guide.

Each Kit Includes:

Trainer Guide

DVD of TAKE10 Video

9 CPR Learning Manikins

8 Knee Pads


Laminated Class Breakdown Outline & AED Sheet

Disinfecting Wipes

Rosters & Clipboard

Follow-up Form

Other Trainer Materials

Some groups put together their own kit. We do not sell the kits as a whole, but can provide information on where to get some of the items.

The TAKE10 Trainer Guide PDF is available upon request to anyone who has taken the training. Its three sections include the 10-minute breakdown for Trainers to follow each time when giving a class with an overview of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators); Teaching Essentials, which emphasizes the main message of TAKE10 to keep it simple with how to set up the space with manikins and the importance of the roster; and Additional Resources, which has more information on the kits, tips for teaching and coaching, frequently asked questions, and more. 

The Follow-up Form is in the inside pocket of the Trainer Guide. The form is for any questions for the TAKE10 office from anyone in a class or a trainer who may have a question not available in the Trainer Guide. It can also be used for anyone interested in becoming a Trainer. The form can be turned in when the kit is returned, or submitted to the TAKE10 office for a response.

The Roster is very important to the TAKE10 Program because the zip codes help show where TAKE10 CPR training has been done. This information is necessary documentation to keep the TAKE10 Program going in Austin. It does not ask for any personal information. Please return the completed rosters after training.

TAKE10 Video

The TAKE10 video is included in each kit and should be shown in every TAKE10 class. The 1-minute video, which takes place at a grocery store, shows the three steps of compression-only CPR: check, call and compress, when someone collapses and a bystander acts quickly. The TAKE10 video file is available to Trainers.

Only 3 simple steps: Check, Call, Compress

TAKE10 Program Permission Information
Anyone wishing to use the program and these materials within their own organization or community is authorized to do so provided credit is given to TAKE10 as the program creator and no payment is required of learners or trainers for this program. Payment for any part of the TAKE10 training program is not authorized by TAKE10. Use of the TAKE10 name and logo requires the permission of the TAKE10 manager.