Year Two!

In partnership with Texas Society of Architects, we are pleased to announce Visionary Voices year two, the popular speaker series featuring celebrated public artists from across the country. Launched in 2017, the series encourages thoughtful consideration of the role of public art and its relationship to public spaces, examining the often blurred line between art and architecture. The lectures also highlight the participating artists’ bodies of work and offer a sneak peek at commissions they are executing for the City of Austin.

All lectures will be held at 6PM at the Texas Society of Architects building at 500 Chicon Street, Austin, and are free and open to the public. Parking is available onsite. Visit for additional details.



Click on the artist’s name for more information on their work.

Laurie Frick                        January 22, 2019  

                                           Video of Laurie’s Visionary Voices lecture here.                            

Marc Fornes                       May 14 , 2019    

                                           Video of Marc's Visionary Voices lecture here.                                                                                               

Janet Zweig                        August 13, 2019

                                           Video of Janet's Visionary Voices lecture here.                                                

Fidencio Duran                   October 15, 2019               



Click on the artist’s name for more information on their work.

New American Public Art    January 30, 2018  

                                            Video of NAPA's Visionary Voices lecture here.                            

Beili Liu                               April 10, 2018    

                                           Video of Beili's Visionary Voices lecture here.                                                                                               

Thoughtbarn                       August 14, 2018   

                                           Video of Thoughtbarn's Visionary Voices lecture here.                                           

Janet Echelman                  October 9, 2018