Interior Remodel

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You enter into the review process after you submit your application. During review, you and the city work together to make sure your plans are:

  • up to code,
  • and safe for you, guests, and neighbors.

What Is the Review Process?

1. Approval or comments

Reviewers will look through your application and check your plans for compliance against both the IRC (International Residential Code) and the LDC (Land Development Code). They will either approve your application or attach comments in a Master Comment Report. This process takes about 15 business days.

You can check the status of your permit application on Austin Build + Connect. To check your permit status, create an Austin Build + Connect account and select “My Permits/Cases” from the left side menu.

You can search for expired permits by selecting “Public Search,” and entering the property address, date range, or permit case/type and hitting submit.

If you are not the applicant, meaning a hired professional submitted your application, the hired professional will receive the approval of your permit application or any review comments. You can request to be sent copies of any emails or have your authorized applicant forward them to you.

2. If you receive comments, your plans must be adjusted

Comments are sent in a Master Comment Report to the email provided on the application.

If you need help understanding your comments, refer to the Municipal Code or call 512-978-4000 for further help.

If you have questions or concerns about your comments, you can reach out to the reviewer(s) of the project.

3. Submit updated plans

Like your initial application submission, resubmission is done through the Residential Intake Request Form

After you or your hired professional resubmit, you will receive notice that your plans have been approved or you will receive new comments. If you receive comments a second time, there is an additional fee for a third round of review.

4. Repeat if needed

This process will be repeated until all comments are addressed and your application is approved.

Most applications go through 2 rounds of review. After a second round of review, additional reviews incur a fee.

What Happens After My Application Is Approved?

When your application is approved, you or your hired professional will receive an email notification stating that your permit and approved plans are available in your Austin Build + Connect Portal. Your permit must be posted somewhere visible from the public right of way (ROW) on your work site before you begin your project.

Remember, permitting doesn’t stop when you start building. Your work must be inspected throughout your process. Your permit will be closed after you pass final inspections.